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leaf bullet Elementary students vote in mock presidential election

Nov. 6, 2012

mock electionStudents at the Mayfield Elementary School on Monday, Nov. 5, made their choice for who will be the next president of the United States, and gained some first-hand experience in what it means to participate in the electoral process.

The mock presidential election, which saw students researching platforms and discussing candidates weeks before they cast their votes, included both an Electoral College and popular vote component.

President Obama “won” the election, edging out Republican candidate Mitt Romney in the popular vote, 215-139, and in the Electoral College, 61-40.

“Regardless of who they voted for, the students gained valuable experience in voting and discussed the importance of participation in the democratic process,” said sixth grade science and social studies teacher Paula VanDerVeer, who organized the mock election.

Principal Nicholas Criscone said he hopes the exercise will result in students developing a life-long habit of making sure their voices are heard on elections days.

“I appreciate the hard work all the teachers put into the mock elections. And I hope the students will remember to vote when they turn 18, and will remind their parents to vote Tuesday,” the principal said.

Students in VanDerVeer’s sixth grade social studies class Monday encouraged all eligible adults to vote.

“Do your research before you vote,” sixth-grader Ryan Nicolella said.

Students say there’s still time to research the platforms of the candidates, advising voters with questions to utilize media and online resources and the candidates’ websites for information.

“But follow your own opinion, and not just what other people say,” sixth-grader Evan Lehr said.

Despite all the ads and other information, sixth-grader Taryn LaFontaine said it comes down to one basic thing:

“Pick the person you think is going to do the best job,” she said.

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