Community forums explore thoughts about Mayfield as the superintendent search begins

The two community forums held on Monday brought out a lot of thoughts about Mayfield as the district prepares for a superintendent search.

Participants – 22 staff members and seven community members – were asked to answer five questions:

  • What are the strengths of Mayfield Central School?
  • What needs to be improved?
  • What characteristics and personal attributes should the new superintendent have?
  • What will the new superintendent need to work on first?
  • Do you have any additional thoughts or comments?

These same questions are asked through an online survey. The survey will be active until Feb. 28.

The full list of responses – from the forums and online survey – will be provided to the Board of Education to use in its search and interview process with candidates.

Here are a few examples of the comments made yesterday:

  • On the question of Mayfield’s strengths, participants mentioned items such as a district that is student- centered, small community, administrators that are readily available and visible in the building and a high graduation rate.
  • In the area of what needs to be improved, participants mentioned: lack of staff, especially in special education, building-wide and district-wide scheduling issues, lack of enrichment opportunities for elementary students and a shortage of high school clubs, need to finally complete the capital project and need to improve communication.
  • Most participants agreed they wanted an experienced superintendent who wants to remain in Mayfield and not use it as a career stepping stone. They also mentioned other characteristics such as passionate, organized, energetic, business minded, trustworthy and honest.
  • What should be the first things that the superintendent tackles? Participants mentioned academic improvement – focus on curriculum and instruction and the need for a preK curriculum, continuity with the curriculum, discipline and aesthetics across the school district, a behavior management plan for the students and a focus on 7th and 8th grade social and academic lives and creating a separate space for them at the high school.

Here is the process for the superintendent search:

  • February 22 – Search brochure will be prepared and distributed for applicants.
  • March 22 – Application deadline
  • Week of March 25 – Board of Education special meeting to review candidates and select those to be interviewed.  First round of candidate interviews held.
  • Week of April 1 – Second round of interviews held.
  • Week of April 8 – Board of Education meets to select candidate.
  • Week of April 16 – Announcement of new superintendent
  • July 1 – New superintendent begins