Mystery Door Night draws at least 200 students and their families

The junior detectives and their families were crawling through the hallways at the Elementary School for Mystery Door Night.

About 200 students attended the evening, a Parent Engagement night sponsored by the Reading Department on May 20.

Students in each classroom read a book and decorated their classroom door to give hints about the title on the door.  On the night of the event, families were given a list of titles and asked to match titles to door numbers.

Teachers volunteered on the night of the event to serve food, check answers, and supervise hallways. All students who attended chose a book to take home.

“It was a great time, watching students and families engage with literacy is a pleasure,” said teacher Emily Bornt.  “We received a lot of positive feedback from parents.:

Subs, cookies, and juice or water were served to families. 

Here are a few photos from the event:

Parent and student studying a door Students reading a door during Mystery Reader Night Two students looking at a door Students working on their projects Serving students and families food at the night Checking out a door during MRN

Mystery door decorated