Policy Index by Number

Here are the school district policies by number:

P-0000 Educational Philosophy of the Mayfield Central School
P-0010 Mission StatementP-0320 Evaluation of the Superintendent
P-0330 Evaluation of Professional Staff
P-0340 Evaluation of Support Staff
P-0350 Educational Program Evaluation

P-1000 Public Relations Program
P-1050 Annual District Meeting and Election
P-1120 Records: Inspection and Copying of
P-1240, 1240.1 Visitors To The Schools
P-1240.3 Photo Identification of Adults
P-1240.2 Photographic Registry Amendment
P-1500 Community Use of School Facilities
P-1501 Use of Softball Fields by Non-School Groups
P-1502 Tennis Court Policy
P-1503 Public Use of Weight Room
P-1520 Public Conduct on School Property
P-1530 Smoking Policy
P-1900 Parent/Guardian Involvement, Title I, Part A
P-1900.1 Parent/Guardian Involvement, Title I, Part A Regulations
P-1925 Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Parents
P-1925-E1 Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Parents: Accommodation Request – Form
P-1925-E2 Interpreters for Hearing Impaired Parents: Response to Request – Form

P-2160 School Board Code of Ethics
P-2160-R School Board Code of Ethics Regulation
P-2260 Advisory Committees to the Board
P-2265 Shared-Decision-Making and School-Based Planning
P-2341.1 Consent Agenda Policy

P-3270 Public Participation at Board Meetings

P-4010 Equivalence in Instructional Staff and Materials
P-4310 Basic Instructional Program
P-4311.1 Display of the Flag
P-4315.1 Aids Instruction
P-4322 Programs for the Gifted & Talented
P-4325 Remedial Instruction
P-4326 Limited English Proficiency Instruction
P-4326-R Limited English Proficiency Instruction Regulation
P-4334 Early Admissions at College
P-4410 Grouping of Students
P-4410.1 Balance in the Common Branch Classroom
P-4420 Elementary Class Size Policy
P-4451 Credit for Non-School Activities
P-4513 Library Materials Selection
P-4526 Comprehensive Technology Policy
P-4526.1 Technology Services, Equipment & Use Policy
P-4526.1R School District Regulations for Computer Use, E-mail & Internet Usage
P-4531 Field Trips And Special Events
P-4532 School Volunteers
P-4712 Reporting System – Elementary School
P-4730 Homework Policy – Elementary School
P-4730.1 Junior-Senior High School Homework Policy
P-4750 7-12 Promotion and Grade Level Determination
P-4770 Graduation Requirements
P-4773 IEP Diplomas
P-4776 Release Time for Seniors who are Gainfully Employed

5000 Advisory Information (For Info Only)
P-5020 Mayfield Central School District Equal Opportunity Policy (Prohibiting Discrimination and Harassment)
P-5020.3 Education of Students With Disabilities: Census and Register
p-5020.3a Time-Out Room
P-5020.31 Section 504: Discrimination
P-5020.32 Impartial Hearing Officer & Compensation Selection
P-5020.34 Independent Educational Evaluations
P-5027 Use of Automatic External Defibrillators
P-5100 Attendance: Student
P-5101 Attendance Records for Regents Days
P-5115 Perfect Attendance: Elementary School
P-5152 Resident and Nonresident Student Policy
P-5162 Student Dismissal Precautions
P-5250 Sale and Disposal of School District Property
P-5270 National Honor Society
P-5270.1 Mayfield Jr. Honor Society
P-5280 Interscholastic Athletics
P-5280.1 Regulations Governing Interscholastic Athletics: Coaches
P-5280.2 Regulations Governing Interscholastic Athletics: Students and Parents
P-5310 Code of Conduct
P-5310(a) Course Selection Guide
P-5310(b) Student Handbook
P-5311 Student Rights and Responsibilities
P-5312.1 Alcohol and Drug Policy
P-5312.1-R Drug and Alcohol Abuse Regulation
P-5312.2 Gun-Free Schools Act
P-5312.3-R Student Suspension Regulations
P-5312.4 Tobacco Policy
P-5450.1 Notification of Release of Sex Offenders by the Division of Parole
P-5460 Suspected Child Abuse and Maltreatment
P-5500 Confidentiality of Educational Records (FERPA)
P-5500-R Student Records Regulation
P-5500.1 Release of Student Information
P-5680 Lost Textbook Reimbursement
P-5681 Music Instrument Rental Policy
P-5690 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse or Maltreatment
P-5690.1 Mandated Reporter
P-5800 Calculation of Cumulative Average and Class Rank

P-6120 Budget Hearing
P-6130 Budget Adoption
P-6135 Contingency Budget
P-6230 Chapter 1 PSEN/PCEN Programs and Services
P-6240 Investment Policy
P-6240-A Investment Policy – Financial Management
P-6670 Payment of Expenses for Conference Attendance
P-6675 Extra Classroom Activity Funds
P-6700 Purchasing
P-6700-R Purchasing Regulation
P-6710 Petty Cash/Petty Cash Accounts
P-6710R Petty Cash Accounts Regulations
P-6720-R Competitive Bidding Procedures

P-7100 Facilities Planning

P-8000 Support Service Goals
P-8111 Hazard Communication Program
P-8121.1 Medication Policy & Procedure
P-8121.1-E1 Medication Application for Students – Form
P-8121.1-E2 Record of Medication Taken – Form
P-8130 Emergency Plans
P-8133 Threat of a Bomb or Violent Act
P-8134 Emergency Closings
P-8212 Track Damage
P-8330 Loan of School Equipment
P-8400 Parochial & Private Transportation
P-8410 Hazardous Roads
P-8410.1 Transportation Policy For Resident Pupils
P-8414.4 Use of District Owned Buses
P-8414.5 Alcohol and Drug Testing For Bus Drivers
p-8560 Wellness

P-9000 Personnel Policies Goals
P-9010 Civil Rights
P-9020 Personnel: Policy On Conditional Appointments
P-9125 Drug Free Workplace
P-9125.1-R Drug Free Workplace Regulation
P-9211.2 Incidental Teaching
P-9230 Professional Staff Recruiting and Hiring
P-9230.1 Professional Staff Recruitment and Hiring Regulations
P-9251 Teacher Tenure
P-9353.5 Retirees Health Insurance Guidelines
P-9420 Recognition
P-9520.2-R Family And Medical Leave Regulation