Beyond the classroom, it takes a variety of departments to provide services and operations for students, staff and parents throughout the school district. 

Each department’s page on the right includes a description of its respective programs and operations and contact information. 

Here is the contact information for each department:

    College, Career and Counseling Center

    Food Services

    Health Services 

    • Rebecca Lestage, Elementary School Nurse
      Office: (518) 661-8254   
      Fax: 518-661-6590 
    • Janine Kilpatrick, Jr./Sr. High School Nurse
      Office: (518) 661-8211   
      Fax: 518-661-7666

    Instructional Technology

    Operations – Buildings and Grounds/Transportation

    • Richard Somers, Director of Facilities/Transportation
      Office: 518-661-8222 Ext. 8209
      Fax: 518-661-7666
    • Craig Yaddaw, Transportation Office
      Transportation Questions/Bus Dispatcher
      Phone: 518-661-8222 Ext. 8217

    Special Education

    Office: (518) 661-8222, Ext. 8274
    Fax: (518) 661-6588