• Students make the march from the school to the tent
    Mayfield’s graduation was different this year – the class of 60 students was broken up into three ceremonies, to comply with the governor’s dictate about a maximum of 150 people at graduations to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Each student received six tickets for guests. The guests sat at tables – spaced at least 10 feet apart – with the student’s name on them; the graduates sat in chairs at least six feet apart on the side of the stage.

Events Calendar

Nothing from August 4, 2020 to September 4, 2020.

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Christopher Harper, Superintendent
Email: harper.christopher@mayfieldcsd.org
27 School Street, Mayfield, NY 12117

Director of Facilities/Transportation
(Office) (518) 661-8222 Ext. 8219
Fax) (518) 661-7666
27 School Street, Mayfield, NY 12117

Jennifer Sanford
Director of Student Services

(Office) (518) 661-8222 Ext. 8274
(Fax) (518) 661-7666
Email: sanford.jennifer@mayfieldcsd.org
27 School Street, Mayfield, NY 12117

Jr./Sr. High School

Dr. Christopher Wojeski, Principal
Email: wojeski.christopher@mayfieldcsd.org
27 School Street, Mayfield, NY 12117

Elementary School

Katria Hitrick, Principal
Email: hitrick.katria@mayfieldcsd.org
80 North Main Street, Mayfield, NY 12117