Board of Education

2021-22 Board of Education Members

Aaron Flynn, President

Cassie Kristel, Vice President

Vanessa DiNitto

Emory Chase

Jeremiah “Jake” VanEvery

Board Meetings 

The Board of Education will hold a Board Workshop on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. in the Auditorium.

The next Board of Education regular monthly meeting will be held at 6 p.m. October 19, 2021. 

Information to access virtual Board meetings will be available here on the day of each meeting.

Board agendas and action can be found on  Board docs logo

When opening the BoardDocs page, click on “Meetings” at the top of the page then select a meeting you’d like to review. Click on “View the Agenda” and then on a specific item on the left of the page to see how the board acted.

Role of the School Board

The Mayfield Board of Education is made up of five non-paid citizens who are each elected to serve five-year terms. The board’s main responsibilities and duties are to:

  • Establish district policies;
  • Develop an annual budget for public approval;
  • Approve or disapprove the Superintendent’s recommendations on personnel matters and contracts;
  • Review courses of study and textbooks; and
  • Act as a communication link between residents and the Superintendent.

Other duties include defining the district’s philosophy, setting goals to achieve academic objectives, planning for future needs, and authorizing certain contracts.

Running for a seat on the Board of Education

The Mayfield Central School District announces that qualified residents interested in seeking a seat on the Board of Education must file a Petition for Nomination, which must be signed by at least 25 qualified voters of the district.  Candidates must be a qualified voter of the district and must have resided in the district for at least one year prior to their election.

 More information on running for the MCSD Board of Education can be found here.