Regents Exams

Regents Exams are required for high school graduation.

All high school students must take them. Students may not opt out of these exams.

The graduation requirements for course credit and exam credit are as follows:

  • Course Credit — Students earn course credit by displaying mastery of the learning outcomes and earning a course average of 65 or higher. 
  • Regents Credit — Students earn an exam score of 65 or higher in a regents bearing course (Living Environment, Earth Science, Global History 10, Algebra I, US History, English 11, Geometry, Algebra II, or Chemistry) by earning a 65 or higher on the New York State Assessment.

Read more about which Regents Exams are required for students in New York to graduate from high school.

 Regents Exams are administered January, June and August. This page will be updated with current year schedules when they are available.

View the January 2024 Regents Exam Schedule here.
View the June 2024 Regents Exam Schedule here.
View the August 2024 Regents Exam Schedule here.

There are no make-up exams. If a student misses an exam they were scheduled to take, they will have to wait until the exams are offered again.

Basic guidelines for the exams

    • Students should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of their exam.
    • Students must stay in the exam room for 2 hours.
    • No cell phones or other electronic devices are allowed in the testing areas.
    • No backpacks are allowed in the exam room.
    • During the Regents Exams, students attend school only during their scheduled exams.

Transportation during exams

    • Regular transportation will be provided each morning.
    • Mid-day buses home will be provided following the morning exams.
    • For those taking afternoon exams, the late bus (2:55 p.m.) will be available.

    Information about failures and retaking the exams for higher scores

    Appeal process for exam failures

    The NYS Board of Regents has approved conditions for the Special Appeal process through the 2023-24 school year.  Here are eligibility conditions:

    • The student must have a score of 50-64 on the Regents Examination that is the subject of the appeal and was taken during the June 2023, August 2023, January 2024, June 2024 or August 2024 test administration periods. 
    • The student has attained a course average in the course that meets or exceeds the required passing grade by the school and is recorded on the student’s official transcript with grades achieved by the student in each quarter of the school year.

    Please reach out to your child school counselor if you have any questions.