Communications/Family and Community Engagement

Mayfield Central School District developed a Reopening Committee, composed of faculty members (who are also parents of students in the district and alumni), staff members and administrators, to provide input and feedback in the development of this reopening plan.  

Working with all local stakeholders, our District has sought both input and feedback to help us be well informed with the reopening plan.  The communication included one-to-one conversations, virtual meetings and many online surveys.  We have made every effort to ensure the plan is accessible to all individuals. The plan is available to all stakeholders via the district website at and will be updated throughout the school year, as necessary, to respond to local circumstances.  

With the anticipation of reopening school, the district has developed a plan for communicating all necessary information to students, parents/guardians faculty and staff.  The district will use its existing communication channels  such as the district website, emails, Blackboard Connect and social media accounts for all necessary COVID-19 updates. 

Appropriate signage and training opportunities to support the dissemination of consistent messaging regarding new protocols and procedures, expectations, requirements and options related to school operations throughout the pandemic will also be utilized. 

The District will be using existing internal and external communication channels (emails, Blackboard Connect all calls and social media) to notify staff, students and families/caregivers about in-person, remote and hybrid school schedules with as much advance notice as possible. 

The District will follow its existing engagement and communication protocols with parents regarding the provision of special education services for their child.

 As applicable, Mayfield Central School District’s written plans are accessible to those with visual and/or hearing impairments.  Our plan will be available to all languages spoken in each home among families throughout our school community.