Construction bids came in lower that budgeted; some items on hold may be done

On November 30, the Board of Education awarded three construction bids in the third and final phase of the capital project that were under budget, allowing board members to now consider proceeding with some of the on-hold fields work at the junior-senior high school as well as consider alternates included with the general construction (GC) bid.

The three bids that, as a total, came in under budget were for GC, plumbing and theatrical work.

“This was great news!” said Superintendent Jon Peterson. “The (Board of Education’s) Facilities Committee will now determine how best to proceed with the on-hold projects, including the field work at the high school.”

He also said the theatrical contractor will begin making auditorium improvements so that they are completed in time for the spring musical in March 22-24.

The alternates included with the GC bid included six alternates, which the board will consider after deciding the course of action for the HS fields work. The alternates include upgraded color and design terrazzo flooring in both schools, enhanced window security film and glazing, HS Pepsi corridor improvements and elementary school office casework enhancements.

The “Building the Future, Restoring the Past” capital project, which totals $15.5 million, was approved by the community in January 2016. In October, officials cited the need to make sure the project meets the instructional and building goals of the project before proceeding with some other projects, such as improvements to the junior-senior high school fields.

The district’s suspension of all future work at the athletic fields meant not adding three feet of topsoil to the baseball and soccer fields, not relocating the softball field and not building the concession stand. Those changes were in addition to the earlier eliminations of the artificial infields and addition of field lights.

Phase 3 will include an ambitious list of projects:

At the Jr.-Sr. High School:

  • Renovate the art and Family and Consumer Sciences classrooms
  • Renovations to the weight room, Distance Learning and Project Lead the Way classrooms as well as library and main office
  • Auditorium upgrades, including new lighting, video capabilities and energy efficient fixtures
  • Create a security vestibule and relocate the main office and library
  • Create a secure vestibule for entering the District Office
  • Install a pass-key system and provide fob access to two entry doors
  • Upgrade the security, fire and emergency alarms and systems
  • Replace the public address system and the clock/bell system
  • Upgrade the sound system in the gymnasium
  • Replace sinks, faucets, storm piping in the storage room and ball/gate valves as needed
  • Replace the water softener
  • Auditorium stage flooring
  • Interior wall damage repair, including cracked plaster and damaged corners
  • Replace chalkboards and tackboards in the original 1938 wing
  • Acoustical ceiling replacement
  • Add a receiving area on the east end of the building
  • Installation of the exterior digital sign

At the Elementary School:

  • Renovate main office and create a secure vestibule
  • Upgrade security features including a pass-key system
  • Replace the public address and notification systems
  • Replace original building doors and hardware
  • Upgrade corridor floor
  • Renovate north and south wing boys and girls bathrooms
  • Renovate small classroom bathrooms
  • Replace the glass transoms in the corridor
  • Acoustical ceiling replacement
  • Replace roll-up shades
  • Replace gate values as needed
  • A lot of work done so far

To date, about $9.5 million of the $15.5 million project has been completed, said Peterson. The improvement work began in earnest in April 2016. The completed work includes the following:

  • Replaced Septic Main at the Elementary School
  • Grease Interceptor at the Elementary School
  • Paved Access Road around the Elementary School
  • New playground at the Elementary School
  • Roof replacement at the Elementary School
  • New Windows as needed at the Elementary School
  • New Windows or jamb liners as needed at the Jr.-Sr. High School
  • Unit-Ventilators at the Elementary School
  • Unit-Ventilators at the Jr.-Sr. High School
  • Wireless Infrastructure at both schools
  • Field Lights at the Jr.-Sr. High School
  • Boilers (2) at the Elementary School
  • Field Improvements (drainage, orientation, natural turf) at the Elementary
  • School on the baseball, soccer (2 fields) and softball fields, anticipated use in Spring 2018
  • Roof at the Jr.-Sr. High School
  • Field improvements at the Jr.-Sr. High School initiated (drainage, tree
    removal, electric, water and septic lines installed)
  • HVAC Controls at the Elementary School
  • Boilers (2) at the Jr.-Sr. High School
  • HVAC Controls at the Jr.-Sr. High School