COVID-19 Reporting

Positive COVID-19 cases reported

Notices of positive cases in the Mayfield Central School District will be posted on the state’s COVID-19 Report Card.

All schools in New York state, including the Mayfield Central School District are required to submit a daily report to the state of any confirmed cases of COVID-19 linked to a school. The COVID-19 Report Card is available to the public on the New York State Department of Health website and includes daily case statistics from schools throughout the state. 

In addition, the state dashboard includes a number that is an estimate of “Lab Reported Positives based on Residential Address” as part of its school COVID Report Card. This estimate may differ from the number of cases that are directly related to the school district, and may include students who reside within the district, but do not attend Mayfield schools. Individual school data on the dashboard is listed separately below this estimated number. 

In each case, the district works closely with the Fulton County Department of Health to identify the individual’s contacts at the school. In addition to the district, the health department will reach out to all contacts and advise on the need to quarantine and to arrange testing of those exposed. Please note that privacy laws restrict the district from disclosing or confirming any personally identifiable information. We cannot identify anyone who has tested positive.

The information provided is aimed at providing as much transparency as possible to our school community during these uncertain times while also respecting the federal and state laws that prohibit the release of confidential medical information.