In case of closure

 Closure triggers: 

The Fulton County Department of Health will inform the District if the percentage of those infected in Fulton County exceeds the recommended threshold, at which time the District will notify parents and caregivers through BlackBoard Connect. If the District can not adequately follow current educational programming due to COVID-related staffing absences, then the District will then begin fully-remote teaching, until the situation can be rectified.  A determination of the operations happening remotely and on campus will occur at that time. The appropriate emails and BlackBoard Connect messages will be disseminated at that time.



  • The District will utilize BlackBoard Connect, our own website, and emails to communicate with students, staff, parents and caregivers throughout the process



  • Mayfield Central School District will continue to report attendance in accordance with state guidelines.
  • We will develop a mechanism to collect/report daily teacher/student engagement regardless of instructional setting.
  • Attendance of any student of compulsory age must be reported.
  • Absences need to be addressed before students fall behind in school, and schools will need to use a variety of creative methods to reach out to engage students and their families.
  • The District will need to collaborate with local Departments of Social Services.

 Student Attendance: All teachers will be responsible for reporting attendance, in Eschool, on a daily basis.

Student Engagement Mechanism: All teachers will be responsible for the daily engagement of all students. How engagement is assessed on any particular day will depend on the day’s activities and may include, but not limited to, academic or socio-emotional check-ins, on-line interviews, the creation of videos on screencastify, etc.