Remote instruction

Remote learning resources for parents can be found here.

If the Mayfield Central School District has to pivot to remote instruction, it will maintain teaching and learning experiences across all content areas for all learners.

Mayfield Central School District provides Chromebooks to all students in grades 1-12.  Pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten students receive iPads. 

Students can receive remote instruction if the following occurs:

  • Physician note stating the child has been tested and waiting for results 
  • Quarantine/isolation letter from county
  • Positive lab result
  • If we do not receive the above notices, the child will be considered absent and marked as such until documentation is received.

The following plans are in place for students who are quarantined:

    • Junior-Senior High School 
      • Students will follow the daily 8-period schedule.
      • All lesson activities and links to google meets will be posted in google classroom.
      • The teacher will provide a synchronous and/or asynchronous lesson and post expectations via google classroom
      • Any student who is under quarantine may schedule an appointment/google meet with the teacher during 9th period.
        • 9th period extra help is available to students upon written request, via email from the student, and subject to the availability of the teacher.
        • When unavailable due to meetings, the teacher will make alternate plans to provide assistance.
    • Elementary School 
      • Pre-K-2
        • Possibly a morning or afternoon meeting to check-in with the student
        • Asynchronous lessons and/or hard copies of school work
      • Grade 3-6
        • Google meets according to the classroom teacher
        • Synchronous and/or asynchronous lessons
    • Such lessons are only required to be posted when a student is placed under a quarantine by the DOH, NYS, local board of health or any government entity authorized to issue such an order.

If there is a need to pivot temporarily to remote instruction for all students for any reason:

  • How will students access instructional plans and materials? 
    • At Mayfield Elementary School, students in grades pre-kindergarten through 6 will have a mix of paper-based and web-based applications depending on grade level.
    • Students in grades 7 through 12 will work via the web-based applications listed below. 
    • For those students without internet access at home, hard copies of materials and resources will be provided (to be picked up at their school, at a day and time determined by administration). 
  • How will students receive assignments, submit work and get feedback? 
    • Mayfield Junior-Senior High School students will find their assignments, and submit for review, in Google Classroom.
    • Teachers will provide feedback via Google Classroom and/or email communication. 
    • Students in grades 3 through 6 will find their assignments, and submit them for review, in Google Classroom.
    • Students in grades pre-kindergarten through 2 will find their assignments through Google Classroom, and paper-based directions given at packet pickup.
  • How will students collaborate with teachers and with each other? 
    • Numerous class sessions will be held via Google Meet. 
    • Screencastify, YouTube, and other applications, will be used to provide lecture-based instruction. 
  • How will educators collaborate to support each other and students? 
    • Teachers will meet remotely and in person in grade-level and departmental teams to discuss strategies and develop action plans to address student needs, as necessary. 

If the district needs to go to fully remote instruction, these are guidelines that will be followed:

 What Families Can Expect?

  • A blend of screen time and “paper and pencil” activities, as deemed appropriate by teachers. 
  • Student interaction with educators using a mix of technological resources and remote “face-to-face” learning activities. 
  • Collaboration among students when feasible. 
  • Differentiated, small-group support based on specific student needs. 
  • Updates on progress provided via the Parent and Student Portals for pupils in grades 7 through 12. 

Remote Learning Guidelines and Support

  • Students in grades Pre-K through 2 should expect approximately one to two hours of school work per day.
  • Students in grades 3 through 6 should expect approximately two to three hours of school work per day.   
  • Students in grades 7 through 12 will follow the bell schedule. 
  • Teachers are expected to support the education of students for a period of time each day that does not exceed their contractual obligations. 
  • Remote learning days will follow the instructional days of the school calendar. 
  • Teachers will track student progress to ensure participation and check in with students who are struggling or non-participatory. Educators will be empathic and understanding of unique circumstances faced by students and families. 
  • Teachers, staff and administrators will communicate with parents clear expectations regarding how families can best support their students during the period of remote learning. 
  • Building administrators will continue to support the appropriate involvement of the parent community. 


  • Mayfield Central School District will continue to report attendance in accordance with state guidelines.
  • Attendance of any student of compulsory age will be reported.
  • The District will collaborate with local Departments of Social Services.
  • If the district has to switch to remote learning the following will occur:
    • Every student is expected to be in attendance in accordance with the teacher’s schedule.
    • When any student is absent two or more days the teacher must attempt to make contact with the parent or guardian.  
    • If after speaking with a parent or guardian two times and the attendance concerns continue, the teacher will notify the SPARRK Coordinator and building administrator. The administrator will then contact the parent.

Student Expectations

  • Engage in remote learning activities offered by their teachers. 
  • Ensure that they know their usernames and passwords to access learning resources. 
  • Create a remote work space and develop a plan to manage their time. 
  • Persevere through challenges and contact faculty and staff for help when needed.