Jr/Sr High Supply Lists 2023-24

Junior High School Supply List 2023-24 – Printable PDF

7th and 8th grade required school supplies:

  • lined paper
  • pencil
  • pens (blue or black)
  • multi-colored highlighters
  • erasers
  • pencil pouch
  • earbuds or headphones for your Chromebook
  • A FULLY charged Chromebook everyday!

Additional Teacher Requests:

  • Mrs. Brunetto’s English 8/8H: 1 composition notebook, pens and pencils, highlighters, ELA folder (2 pocket), 1 subject college ruled notebook
  • Mr. Horn’s Math 7: scientific calculator, along with ruler and protractor
  • Mrs. Rebisz English 7: a two pocket folder
  • Mrs. Leo’s Math 8 class: pocket folder – suggested calculator Texas Instrument TI – 30XII (calculators will be available for use in the classroom)
  • Mrs. Roth’s Science 7 classes: composition notebook, a 2 pocket folder
  • Mr. Allen’s Science 8 classes: 2 pocket folders
  • Social Studies 7 & 8: 1 pocket folder, pencil pouch
  • Mrs. Matiz’s Spanish slasses: two pocket folders, a big composition notebook, multicolor index cards
  • Mr. Kent’s Art 7 and Art 8 classes: set of colored pencils (12 or more) and a set of assorted Sharpie markers

High School Supply List 2023-24 – Printable PDF

High School required school supplies:

  • Lined loose leaf paper
  • pencils
  • pens
  • multi-colored highlighters
  • earbuds or headphones for Chromebooks

Additional Teacher Requests:

  • Mr. Toscano’s: one binder, 1 pocket folder
  • Mrs. King’s English 9 class: 1 Subject spiral notebook, pens, pencils, multiple colored highlighters.
  • All high school Math classes: a TI 83 plus or TI 84 calculator would be beneficial
  • Mrs. Leo’s Pre-Algebra class: a 1 inch binder
  • Mrs. Matiz Spanish classes: two pocket folders, a big composition notebook, multi-colored index cards
  • Mr. Thelin History classes: 1 pocket folder and/or 3 ring notebook
  • Mr. Valovic’s Principles of Engineering and Intro to Engineering Design classes: 1 or 2″ three-ring binder
  • Mr. Valovic’s Residential Structures class: 1 or 2” binder and a one subject notebook
  • Studio Art, Drawing, Advertising Art or Cartooning classes: a box of colored pencils (12 or more), a set of assorted Sharpie markers
  • Mrs. Fonda: a CHARGED Chromebook every day, a Chromebook case is recommended but not mandatory, students having trouble with using the built in mouse pad should purchase an external mouse for use with their Chromebook.
  • Mr. Allen’s Living Environment: 2 pocket folders
  • Mrs. Roth – Physics: notebook, scientific calculator (does not need to be graphing- a TI-30 or equal is sufficient)
  • Mrs. Horne’s English 11 and Senior English classes: a pocket folder, paper, pens/pencils and highlighters
  • Mr. Horn’s Geometry: a protractor, compass, and ruler