Mayfield CSD Assurances for NYSED

The following information has been shared with the New York State Board of Education to show what assurances the district is making in its detailed reopening plans, which are forthcoming:

Communications/Family and Community Engagement

In addition to gathering feedback from families through an online survey, Mayfield Central School District has developed a committee, composed of faculty members who are parents of students in the district, alumni and staff members, who provided insights into the development of the plan.

The District will communicate with the community by using BlackBoard Connect, as well as our school district website. 

Our District has developed a communication plan that will include, students, parents, and legal guardians of students.  This communication plan will include instructions, training, signage, and a consistent means to provide individuals with information.  We will use our web pages and our email distribution groups to share our communication plan. 

We have created new COVID-19 protocols to address hand-hygiene, wearing proper face covering, social distancing, respiratory hygiene.  The District has signage that adheres to CDC and DOH guidance regarding the use of PPE.  Specifically, acceptable face coverings will be utilized when a social distancing cannot be maintained. 

As applicable, Mayfield Central School District’s written plans are accessible to those with visual and/or hearing impairments.  Our plan will be available to all languages spoken in each home among families throughout our school community.  Working with all local stakeholders, our District has sought both input and feedback to help us be well informed with our reopening plan.  The communication included one-to-one conversations, virtual meetings and many online surveys. 

We have made every effort to ensure our plan is accessible to all individuals. The plan is available to all stakeholders via the district website and will be updated throughout the school year, as necessary, to respond to local circumstances.  With the planning for reopening our schools, the district has developed a plan for communicating all necessary information to students, parents/guardians faculty and staff.  The district will use its existing communication channels – including district website, emails, Blackboard Connect and social media accounts – as well as appropriate signage and training opportunities to support the dissemination of consistent messaging regarding new protocols and procedures, expectations, requirements and options related to school operations throughout the pandemic. 

Our District will rely on the district website, emails, Blackboard Connect to communicate news, requirements and updates related to reopening and in-person instruction, including social distancing requirements, proper wearing of face coverings and proper hand and respiratory hygiene. The information that we will share will be based on state guidance and plans developed by the district’s reopening committee. 

The District will make devices (Chromebooks, iPads, laptops) available to all teachers and students.  Our District will be using existing internal and external communications channels (emails, Blackboard Connect all calls and social media) to notify staff, students and families/caregivers about in-person, remote and hybrid school schedules with as much advance notice as possible.  The District will follow its existing engagement and communication protocols with parents regarding the provision of special education services for their child.

Our school district will ensure that all students are trained on new COVID-19 protocols safely and accurately.  Mayfield Central School District will continue to follow all Board of Education policies and procedures. 

Health and Safety

  • Local hospital capacity:

Nathan Littauer Hospital 99 East State Street, Gloversville NY 12078

      • Hospital beds – 74
      • Nursing home beds – 84
      • ER beds – 21
      • ICU beds – 8

St. Mary’s Healthcare 427 Guy Park Ave, Amsterdam NY 12010

      • Hospital, ER, ICU beds – 100

St. Mary’s Memorial Health Center 4988 NY-30, Amsterdam NY 12010

      • Nursing home beds – 142

    •  Mayfield Central School District referred to the calculation tools from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to determine the number of masks or face coverings needed, along with other Personnel Protective Equipment (PPE) such as gloves and face shields. Disposable masks will be available to students to supplement the cloth masks provided by the parent/guardian. Disposable masks will be available to all employees. If the physical or mental health condition prohibits a student or employee from wearing a mask, they will be offered a shield or the opportunity to learn virtually. Gloves will be provided to employees who will be in high-intensity contact with students or handling waste materials.
  • The CDC and Department of Health recommendations will be posted on the school website. Flyers will be posted in each building and students will be reminded  to wash their hands frequently and to maintain social distancing. 
  • Staff will be trained  to observe signs and symptoms of illness and appropriately send students to the appropriate personnel and designated area.
  • Students and staff will have daily temperature screenings administered before or upon arrival.  Daily screening questionnaires will be administered to staff and periodically to students.  These questionnaires will be in accordance with NYS guidelines.
  • Students and staff  feeling  ill, will  be assessed by the school nurse for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and will be sent home for the following: a temperature greater than 100.0 F (thermal scan)  with referral to their medical provider; for complaint of shortness of breath, cough, and oxygen saturation of 90% or below will be referred  to the ER for further evaluation per medical director guidance.
  • Students and staff exhibiting signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent directly to the designated isolation area, students will be supervised while awaiting transportation home.
  • Any person visiting the school  will be required to submit a questionnaire  and  temperature check upon arrival to the building. 
  • Parents will be informed of current CDC and Department of Health guidelines  that require their children to stay at home.  These includes, but are not limited to thermal temperature of 100.0F or higher, cough, shortness of breath or other signs of respiratory illness. 
  • Students and staff will be required to watch instructional videos on correct hand and respiratory hygiene. Flyers will be posted throughout the school on hand washing and respiratory hygiene.   Information and videos will be available via the website. 
  • Students and staff will maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet whenever possible, or wear appropriate face coverings per CDC/DOH guidelines if social distancing is unavoidable. 
  • Remote instruction/ home tutor will be available to all high risk students or students with family members of high risk.   Students will need medical documentation,  and district approval for such instances. 
  • All employees, visitors, and students are required to wear appropriate face coverings per CDC/DOH guidelines when social distancing cannot be maintained.  This will be posted on the website as well as on entry doors to the building.
  • Mayfield Central School District will purchase cloth face coverings and PPE for school staff and students who forget their masks by school health professionals. To ensure we maintain an adequate supply, we have also consulted with HFM BOCES and Fulton County Public Health Department to assist us.
  • Students or staff with confirmed cases of COVID-19  will be required to follow public health guidelines for isolation/ quarantine and return to school/work. 
  • Mayfield Central School District will comply with DOH and CDC guidelines for returning to school following a positive COVID-19 screen, illness or diagnosis of a confirmed case of COVID-19 or following a quarantine. 
  • Mayfield Central School District will have a written protocol to clean and disinfect the schools following CDC guidelines.
  • Mayfield Central School District will adhere to the same safety precautions as were previously in place, prior to the COVID pandemic.  In addition, all students will be required to utilize a face mask during the duration of all drills. When student safety is achieved, students will then return to their socially distant spaces and be able to remove their face mask, if needed. Teachers will have extra facemasks in their respective classrooms, if a student does not have their face mask immediately available. 
  • Our reopening plan includes a written plan for District-run, before or aftercare programs.  
  • Mayfield Central School District’s COVID-19’s Safety Coordinator will be Matthew Lewis, whose responsibilities include continuous compliance with all aspects of the school’s reopening plan, as well as any phased-in reopening activities necessary to allow for operational issues to be resolved before activities return to normal or “new normal” levels.


  1. At this time, no additions or modifications will be made to the structure of our buildings, therefore remaining compliant with NYS Fire Prevention, Building Code and Energy Conservation Code.  If changes need to be made, the District will submit all changes to OFP.
  2. Mayfield Central School District is scheduled for a visual inspection on August 10, 2020.
  3. Lead-In-Water testing that is required by NYS DOH Regulation 67-4 will have provisions in our reopening plan.
  4. Any and all alcohol-based, hand-rub dispensers are installed in rooms and corridors in limited quantities in accordance with  FCNYS 2020 Section 5705.5.
  5. Our District’s reopening plan does not include the installation of dividers in classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, auditoriums, gymnasiums or other points of congregation.
  6. Our District does not have any new building construction or a temporary quarter project.
  7. Our District is not leasing new facilities.
  8. Not applicable at this time, but if tents are needed, our District will adhere to BCNYS.
  9. Our District reopening plan will ensure that all existing equipment meets the standards of BCNYS
  10. Our District reopening plan ensures that the District meets all necessary requirements for drinking fountains.
  11. Our District reopening plan will meet and maintain adequate, code-required ventilation as designed.
  12. Any project submissions only dedicated to “COVID-19” reopening will be labeled as such.
  13. All plastic separators will comply with the BCNYS Section 2606.

In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection in the district, facilities operations will be geared toward meeting social distancing requirements and cleaning frequently touched spaces regularly. In carrying out projects or tasks supporting infection control, requirements will be met for changes associated with building spaces. Plans for changes or additions to facilities that require review by the Office of Facilities Planning (OFP), will be submitted to comply with the requirements of the 2020 New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (BC) and the State Energy Conservation Code.

The function, position and operation of stairs and corridor doors, which have closers with automatic hold opens (and are automatically released by the fire alarm system), will remain unchanged.

The district plans to meet the deadline for submission of Building Condition Survey or Visual Inspections on time. In addition, lead in water sampling will be carried out upon the reopening of school under conditions consistent with when the building is “normally occupied.”

Upon reopening, the district plans to increase ventilation, to the greatest extent possible.   Water systems will be flushed in buildings that have been unoccupied.

Director of Facilities will ensure that proper filtration requirements are met for HVAC systems.

Mayfield Central School District will not reduce the number of drinking fountains available. One fountain is required for each one hundred occupants.

Child Nutrition

  • Our District will be offering meals onsite to in-person attendance, student attendance and curbside meals to students who are remotely learning.  Our reopening plan will address all applicable safety and health guidelines.  For example, all meals will be handed out using disposable trays and flatware.  Our District plan includes measures that protects students with food allergies if providing meals to students in spaces outside of the cafeteria. The District will ensure no cross-contamination.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering to receive meals and on the way out after getting meals. Signage will be posted to make students and adults aware.  The plan includes protocols and procedures that require cleaning and disinfection prior to each group of students arriving for meals when served in the same common area.  All meals meet Child Nutrition Program requirements. 
  • All communications are available through multiple means such as the school website, BlackBoard Connect, and the local newspaper. 
  • Our District plan will provide for social distancing and/or six feet separation, by requiring all students to eat meals in classrooms at their assigned desks.  School meals will continue to be available to all students, including those attending school in-person and those learning remotely.


  • Each bus will be cleaned after each bus run and prior to a new group boarding in the morning and afternoon. This procedure will be followed for all evening bus runs, if they exist.  No bus will be equipped with hand sanitizer.  Drivers, monitors and attendants will not carry personal bottles of hand sanitizer on buses.
  • All drivers, monitors, attendants and mechanics will wear a mask while driving, or an optional face shield.  All staff will be instructed on proper use of all PPE along with the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.  All staff will be trained on proper use of social distancing, and will provide refresher training throughout the school year. 
  • The District’s reopening plan includes the transportation department being provided PPE, which includes masks and gloves for drivers, bus aides and mechanics. 
  • Our plan ensures that hand sanitizer will be provided in the bus garage transportation break room, the transportation office and in the bus garage bays.  All drivers and bus aides must wear gloves when physical contact with a student is required. 
  • The Director of Facilities/Transportation will attest that each driver, mechanic and bus monitor performed a self-health assessment for symptoms of COVID-19 before arriving to work.  Each physically-able student will wear a mask before entering and during the duration of the bus ride. 
  • Our plan provides students with a mask if they do not have one, and they will not be denied transportation.  Students with disabilities which would prevent them from wearing a mask, will not be forced to do so or be denied transportation.  A
  • ll students will be instructed on the proper use of PPE, together with the signs and symptoms of COVID-19. 
  • All students will be trained on the proper use of social distancing, with periodic refreshers. 
  • Our plan will provide pupil transportation to all students in non-public, parochial, private and charter schools, whose IEP have placed them out of District,and whose schools are meeting and conducting in-person education when our District is not.

Social Emotional Well-Being

  • The Mayfield Central School District Comprehensive School Counseling plan has been written to reflect an organizational framework and approach based upon the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model, the New York State Curriculum Framework, New York State Standards, and current best practices.  
  • The school counselors have created this plan to reflect the specific needs and goals of Mayfield Central School District.  
  • Mayfield Central School District’s K-12 Comprehensive School Counseling Plan is updated annually by the certified school counselors and reflects the yearly needs of students in the district. 
  • School Counselors have met to update the district-wide and building level comprehensive plans for the 2020-2021 school year to reflect the adverse needs of students due to COVID-19.
  • The plan includes program objectives, activities, program development and maintenance planning, school counseling curriculum, professional development planning, evaluation methods based on data analysis to support positive student outcomes.

The Mayfield Central School District’s advisory council comprises parents, board of education members, K-12 administrators, community mental health providers, teachers, certified school counselors, the K-12 school social worker, and K-12 school psychologist.

  • The advisory council will be meeting twice a year for the purpose of reviewing the comprehensive developmental school counseling program plan and advising on the implementation of school counseling program, giving recommendations for program updates that best meet the needs of students.
  • K-12 school counselors and school social workers have created a list of community counseling resources that will be shared with students and parents in the district via email as well as posted on the Mayfield Central School District website.T
  • The district will provide social-emotional, behavior, and mental health services to students and families through a designated social-emotional curriculum remotely as well as in-person and provide referrals to community resources.  In addition, K-12 school counselors and social workers will continue to be available to students and families remotely and in-person for one-to-one sessions as needed.
  • The K-12 Pupil Personnel Services (PPS) team has created a district-wide referral form for parents and school staff to use to report students in need, whether the concern is behavior, academics, mental health, etc. 
  • The PPS team will continue to meet weekly to evaluate referrals and student needs.  The PPS team will meet with students and refer out to community resources as needed.
  • The PPS team will use referral forms that were provided to the team by the specific community counseling resource that the team is referring the student to.
  • The Mayfield Central School District will provide professional development for faculty and staff at the Superintendent’s Conference Day on September 3, 2020.
  • School staff will have opportunities for developing safe practices and supports during Professional Learning Communities (PLC) meetings. 
  • Faculty and staff will stay up to date with COVID-19 related procedures as the school year progresses through communication with administrators, local government, and the local HFM BOCES.
  • Faculty and staff will participate in training regarding coping strategies and resiliency as training become available.
  • Students will receive coping and resiliency skills education through a social-emotional curriculum taught by the school counselors and school social worker. 

    School Schedules

    Mayfield Elementary School 

    • Students will be instructed in person twice per week. Classroom cohorts will be divided in half. 
      • Day A – Mondays and Tuesdays
      • Day B – Thursdays and Fridays
    • Students with IEPs will have the opportunity to attend four days a week.
    • There will be remote learning opportunities for all students each Wednesday. 
      • On Wednesdays, teachers will be available for supplemental instruction and for office hours.

    Mayfield Junior-Senior High School 

    • Students will be instructed in person twice per week. 
      • Group A – students with last names beginning with letter A – I (209 students) 
        • Instructed in person on Mondays and Tuesdays.
      • Group B – students with last names beginning with letter J through Z (203 students)
        • Instructed on Thursdays and Fridays.
    • There will be remote learning opportunities for all students each Wednesday. 
      • On Wednesdays, teachers will be available for supplemental instruction and for office hours.

    While maintaining approximately 50% capacity guidelines, with administrator approval, families which have children whose last names fall on both sides of this alphabetical breakdown will have the option to choose which day they prefer.  For example, a family with two children, one with the last name Allen and another with the last name Smith, will be able to choose which day both children attend in person each week. 

    Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism

    • The district reopening plan will describe how the teachers will utilize eschool to collect daily attendance and how teachers will utilize their own individual systems to assess student engagement.

    Technology and Connectivity


    • The Mayfield Central School District will continue promoting safe and rigorous academically- based educational programs during the COVID-19 school closure. 
    • Our highly effective faculty and staff is committed to delivering new innovative instructional practices while cultivating new collaborations and partnerships that support and promote
      at- home learning for students. 
    • Acquisition and implementation of new virtual learning platforms, and evidence and research-based instructional and therapeutic practices will establish a renewed foundation for instructional delivery designed to immerse learners in instruction to the greatest extent possible. 


    • Our hybrid learning plan is in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. We surveyed students, families, caregivers and teachers to determine internet access at their homes. Once the information was received, the school district provided wi-fi hot spots to teachers and families that had the need for internet connectivity.  With our one-to-one Chromebook initiative, we are well prepared to provide rigorous learning opportunities to students in their homes. It is our hope remote learning inspires continuous and inclusive learning opportunities to all students. Our appreciation to the families partnering with educators to provide students with educational experiences that build knowledge, character and fortitude.  
    • As a school district, it is important to be mindful that we are all learners in this experience. Our faculty and staff continue to shine in their efforts to bring sound activities and assignments to our students during this challenging time. 

    Continuing Teaching and Learning 

    The district will maintain teaching and learning experiences across all content areas for all learners.

    Providing Access to Technology for All Students

    All students, families, caregivers, faculty and staff were surveyed to determine internet accessibility. Stakeholders who did not have adequate internet access were offered free wifi hot spots. Mayfield Central School District has provided Chromebooks to all students in grades three through twelve. We are planning to provide other technology to students in pre-kindergarten through grade two. We will continue to repair devices and provide replacements as appropriate and necessary. 

    Support for Educators

    Mayfield Central School District will continue to support our educators with the tools, resources and ongoing professional development to deliver instruction for all students.

    Essential Questions

    How will students access instructional plans and materials? 

      • At Mayfield Elementary School, students in grades pre-kindergarten through 6 will have a mix of paper-based and web-based applications depending on grade level.
      • Students in grades seven through twelve will work via the web-based applications listed on Page 3 of this document. 
      • For those students without internet access at home, hard copies of materials and resources will be provided (to be picked up at the school the student attends, at a day and time determined by administration).

    How will students receive assignments, submit work and get feedback? 

    • Mayfield Junior-Senior High School students will find their assignments and submit for review in Google Classroom
    • Teachers will provide feedback via Google Classroom and/or email communication. 
    • Students in grades 3 through 6 will find their assignments and submit them for review in Google Classroom and/or ClassDojo
    • Students in grades pre-kindergarten through 2 will find their assignments through ClassDojo and paper based directions given at packet pickup.

    How will students collaborate with teachers and with each other? 

    • Numerous class sessions will be held via Google Meet. 
    • Screencastify, YouTube, and other applications, will be used to provide lecture-based instruction. 
    • How will educators collaborate to support each other and students? 
    • Teachers will meet remotely in grade level and departmental teams to discuss strategies and develop action plans to address student needs, as necessary. 

    Goals of Remote Learning

    • Lesson objectives are clearly communicated by the use of “I Can” statements.
    • Content and skills will be introduced and reinforced in a variety of ways. 
    • Opportunities to interact with teachers or with other students via video, audio, chat or discussions will be provided.

    Instructional Delivery – Supported Technology Platforms

    Teachers are encouraged to use a variety of resources to deliver and review instructional material. The list below includes many of the district approved educational tools.

    Elementary School (Pre-K-6)

    • ClassDojo
    • Google Apps for Education
    • iReady
    • IXL
    • Remind
    • Readworks
    • Screencastify

    Junior High School (7-8)

    • Flipgrid
    • Google Apps for Education
    • Kahoot!
    • Newsela
    • Quizizz
    • Screencastify
    • Wakelet
    • YouTube 

    High School (9-12)

    • Flipgrid
    • Google Apps for Education
    • Kahoot!
    • Quizizz
    • Newsela
    • Screencastify
    • Wakelet
    • YouTube

     What Families Can Expect?

    • A blend of screen time and “paper and pencil” activities, as deemed appropriate by teachers. 
    • Student interaction with educators using a mix of technological resources and remote “face-to-face” learning activities. 
    • Collaboration between students when feasible. 
    • Differentiated, small group support based on specific student needs. 
    • Updates on progress provided via the Parent and Student Portals for pupils in grades seven through 12. 

    Remote Learning Guidelines and Support

    • Students in grades Pre-K through two should expect approximately one to two hours of school work per day.
    • Students in grades three through six should expect approximately two to three hours of school work per day.   
    • Students in grades seven through 12 should expect approximately three hours of school work per day. 
    • Teachers are expected to support the education of students for a period of time each day that does not exceed their contractual obligations. 
    • Remote learning days will follow the instructional days of the school calendar. 
    • Teachers will track student progress to ensure participation and check-in with students who are struggling or non-participatory. Educators will be empathic and understanding of unique circumstances faced by students and families. 
    • Student “attendance” should be taken based on participation and submission of assignments. 
    • Teachers, pupil personnel services staff and administrators will communicate with parents clear expectations regarding how families can best support their students during the period of remote learning. 
    • Building administrators will continue to support the appropriate involvement of the parent community. 
    • As noted above, Mayfield Central School District will provide multiple ways for students to participate in learning and demonstrate mastery of Learning Standards in remote or hybrid models, especially when students do not yet have sufficient access to devices and/or high-speed internet. 

    Staff Availability

    Mayfield Central School District recognizes that opportunities for “live” student-teacher interactions are a vital part of the teaching and learning process. We also realize the challenges this brings about for both students and teachers. All educators will be available and will identify how they will engage in these opportunities on a regular basis. Each teacher will communicate with students their specific availability during the school day, providing and announcing opportunities for students who need direct instruction.

    How Can Parents and Guardians Support Their Student(s)?

    • Encourage their student’s participation in remote learning. 
    • Ensure that they are monitoring district communication for up to-date information regarding the school closures and instructional continuation plans. 
    • Communicate with school staff regarding technology needs. 

    Student Expectations

    • Engage in remote learning activities offered by their teachers. 
    • Ensure that they know their usernames and passwords to access learning resources. 
    • Create a remote work space and develop a plan to manage their time. 
    • Persevere through challenges and contact faculty and staff for help when needed.

    Teaching and Learning

    • The District includes a continuity of learning plan.  Whether faculty and students are meeting in-person, remotely or when using a hybrid model, teachers will be meeting in PLC’s at least weekly by grade level and/or departments to review, interpret and discuss various data points.  (Meetings will be in person and/or remote depending on the model.) Teachers will assess all students to get a baseline and then instruct accordingly.  Teachers will continue to meet to discuss the focus and adjust as needed. At the elementary level, it will be important for faculty to review vertical alignment for the grade below and above.  
    • Mayfield Central School District has developed educational plans that align to NYS Next Generation Learning Standards.  Teachers were already using an aligned curriculum and will continue using it with any hybrid instruction. Elementary curriculum has an on-line component that is used both in person and remotely.  The district regularly uses several on line apps that are aligned with NYS Learning Standards. These apps are all Ed-law 2 compliant.
    • MCSD’s reopening plan provides for a program that includes regular substantive interaction between teachers and students.  This includes in-person classroom interaction, Google Meet, one-on-one office hours hosted by teachers, apps such as ClassDojo where families can contact, interact, and share information, as well as phone calls and emails. The mode of daily interaction will depend on the model being used.        
    • The school calendar typically includes one or more staff-only days before students arrive at school. Acknowledging the challenges that our teachers and staff have faced this spring delivering remote instruction under stressful circumstances, the district will focus these in-service days on providing support to staff in the areas of social-emotional health and technology integration.
    • These days will also be utilized for student orientation. This time will allow small groups of students to meet with their new teacher and begin to establish the relationship necessary for a successful school year.
    • As we enter the new school year, teachers will be encouraged to spend time building relationships, supporting students with the transition back to school, and teaching social distancing etiquette at developmentally appropriate levels.  
    • When a remote or hybrid learning model is necessary, certain groups of students will be prioritized for in-person learning to the greatest extent possible. This includes, but is not limited to, special education students, English language learners, students who did not engage in remote learning during the spring of 2020, and students with technology or connectivity needs.
    • Assessing student learning gaps or areas of need will be critical. Formative assessment before a unit of instruction to assess student understanding of pre-requisite skills will be common practice. 
    • Acknowledging that the typical content in a given grade level or course may need to be adjusted, content will be prioritized to ensure that students receive instruction for the prioritized learning standards, key understandings, and skills necessary for students’ success in future study. 
    • Grading practices will follow a standards-based framework designed to provide direct feedback regarding students’ mastery of course content.

    In-person Instruction

    • Upon reopening, the number of students in each of our classrooms will be reduced to adhere to CDC guidance regarding proper social distancing. Class size will reflect the need to ensure that students’ desks/seats are positioned no less than six feet apart.
    • Accommodating a six-foot radius around students will necessitate the identification of additional rooms and common-area spaces that can be converted into elementary classrooms.
    • Current staffing levels may be insufficient to accommodate the expanded number of classrooms needed to ensure social distancing.
    • All instruction will continue to be aligned to the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards.
    • Our schools will minimize the movement of students. This potentially means having students eat lunch in their classroom instead of the cafeteria and eliminating assemblies, field trips and other large-group activities. Special-area subjects (e.g., art, music, physical education) may be pushed into the classroom.  Whenever possible students will utilize outside space for physical education instruction. We will adhere to a minimum of 12 feet between students when engaging in physical activity.
    • To the extent possible, students will remain in small cohorts if/when leaving the classroom, such as for recess or any necessary transition, so as to reduce their exposure to additional students.

    Remote/Hybrid Instruction

    • Given the possibility that communities may experience spikes in COVID-19 cases at any point during the school year, which may prompt short or long-term school closures, our district has developed a hybrid/blended learning model and schedule that can continue as is in a fully remote environment.
    • Instruction will not only focus on “core” subject areas to the exclusion of elective courses. Consideration has been given to prioritizing hands-on and lab-based activities while students are onsite in school buildings. All instruction will continue to be aligned to the New York State Learning Standards.
    • As noted previously, student schedules will remain the same whether instruction is in person or remote so that students do not encounter conflicts wherein synchronous lessons for different subjects are offered simultaneously.
    • Remote learning opportunities for secondary students will include a greater emphasis on synchronous instruction, with teachers finding ways to provide live instruction and lessons to students. While recording of live lessons is still essential for students unable to attend at a scheduled time, teachers will ensure that their students are directly engaged with them and their class peers in experiential learning on a regular basis.
    • To ensure high-quality remote learning experiences, we will standardize the use of a single online learning platform, to the extent possible, and develop a common, coordinated set of guidelines for teachers to follow when using the platform with students.
    • Grading practices will follow a standards-based framework designed to provide direct feedback regarding students’ mastery of course content. We will use a five-scale grading rubric based on levels of competency/mastery, which can then be aligned to numeric bands (for GPA purposes).

    Special Education

    • Whether Mayfield Central School District provides in-person, remote and/or hybrid educational services to general education students, the same services will be afforded to students with disabilities, including making every effort to the greatest extent possible, that each student with a disability be provided the special education and related services set forth in their IEP.
    • The Federal DOE guidance recognizes that there may be exceptional circumstances which could affect how a particular service is provided, given health guidelines and the goal of preventing transmission of the virus in the provision of these services. 
    • Special education services are documented through a variety of measures such as google documents, online platforms and a software system, Frontline.
    • Communication with parents is essential, and teachers/service providers document each contact for a variety of reasons (student progress and engagement, attendance, etc).  Parent engagement is crucial for student success whether children are engaged in a hybrid, remote or in-person learning environment.  District personnel will use a variety of techniques such as phone calls, emails, online learning platforms,  etc. and in the parent’s preferred language in order to meet the requirements of IDEA.  The district will provide parents/guardians with student progress via quarterly (Secondary) or trimester (Elementary) progress monitoring, updated webpage resources, phone calls, emails, etc., for all students with disabilities. 
    • Lastly, students with disabilities have access to all accommodations, modifications, supplementary aids, technology, and services in accordance to their IEP.  Special education teachers, general education teachers, and administration will converse in regards to ensuring the above requirements are implemented and all guidelines are met. 
    • Our District addresses the provision of free, appropriate public education consistent with the need to protect the health and safety of our students with disabilities and those providing special education and services.  These services will be provided to our students in-person, remote, and/or through a hybrid model.  Our District reopening plan addresses collaboration between both the Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) and Committees on Special Education (CSE) and all program providers representing a variety of settings where students are served.  The provision of services is consistent with the recommendations on IEPs, student progress, and sharing resources. 

    Bilingual Education and World Languages

    • Mayfield CSD identifies qualifying English Language Learners during the registration process through the Home Language Survey.  The district will follow state reopening guidelines which specify ELL identification process within 30 school days of the start of the year who enrolled during school closure in 2019-2020, as well as students who enrolled during the summer of 2020 and during the first 20 school days of the 2020-2021 school year.  Mayfield CSD will offer the required instructional Units of Study to all ELL students based on their level of language proficiency.  Regular and consistent communication with parents/guardians will be maintained via emails, phone calls, remote platforms, updated school webpage, etc. 

    Teacher and Principal Evaluation System

    Certification, Incidental Teaching and Substitute Teaching

    • All teachers will hold valid and appropriate certificates for teaching assignment, except where otherwise allowable under the Commissioner’s regulations (e.g., incidental teaching) or education law.