Mayfield honors Class of 2024

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Mayfield Central School District celebrated the 75 graduates of the Class of 2024 with a ceremony on Saturday, June 22, on the front lawn of the Junior-Senior High School. A presentation of individual awards and scholarships was held the evening before.

Class Representative Lillian Smullen had welcoming words to family and friends, and thanked parents and staff for their encouragement and dedication through the years.

“I want to express our collective gratitude to the parents, guardians, and faculty who have supported and guided our class throughout our high school journeys. We would not be standing up here today without your unwavering love and dedication,” Smullen said.

In his speech, Salutatorian Evan Mormile imparted words of wisdom to his fellow graduates as they prepare to step out into the world. 

“Be open-minded and empathetic of others. By doing this, we can open doors to new opportunities and achieve greater success together than we could ever do alone,” Mormile said.

Valedictorian Collin Shea spoke of the challenges already overcome, the many they will face in their future, and the hope of continuing to reach for the stars.

“We’ll all face many obstacles throughout our lives, but there are no limits to what we can overcome,” said Collin. ‘Per aspera ad astra’, Latin for ‘through hardship to the stars’, and I don’t think it could be more applicable to life. Everyone faces problems in life, no matter how trivial they may seem. As we push through these problems, we build our character and learn lessons.”

Superintendent Chris Harper then addressed the audience, reminding parents of the team they formed with teachers and staff so long ago, and the impact that collaboration has had on their students.

“Each of you in the audience has helped one or more of these graduates at one time or another. Each of you has had something to do with their successes, and each of you have had something to do with why we are gathered here today,” said Harper.

Following the speakers was The Presentation of the Flowers, a traditional part of graduation where students take the opportunity to recognize an important individual in their life with a rose. The Select Choir performed while friends and loved ones shared this special moment.

Graduates proceeded across the stage to receive their diplomas from Executive Principal John Bishop; Board of Education members Jake VanEvery and Kevin Capobianco; and Superintendent Christopher Harper.

The Mayfield Class of 2024 graduates are:

Madison Andrews
Jack Battisti
Alexis Beach
Jacob Blais
Lincoln Bowers
Bella Bradley
Alexis Broderick
Emily Capobianco
Sierra Carentz
Jacob Carleo
Abigail Chest
Zoey Cohn
Brodey Cook
Abaigeal Curley
Jacob DaCorsi
Madison Dann
Christopher DeAngelo
Jose Deleon
Cloey Dopp
Andrew Dunn
Kevin Dutcher
Nathanial Fetrow
Meara Fitzgerald
Sean Foreman
Eric Furman
Nicholas Frye
Zachary Ginter
Jaelin Gray
Kaedan Guynup
Audrey Hart
Madalyn Hart
Mitchell Hayner
Blake Hoose
Joshua Hubiak
Brooke Iannuzzi
Rodney Jackson
Ashley Jobmann
Kameron Johnson
Kristian Johnson
Ashley King
Aiden Lamphear
Robert Landers
Elektra Lane
Teegan Lawrence
Kiarah Levine
Mallory Lyons
Jadien Maldonado
Mia Martin
Evan Mormile
Joeleen Morrison
Kamee Myers
Zachary Olmstead
Brody Page
Caleb Petoff
Chance Pettit
Jason Phillips
Caleb Pitcavage
Madison Rhodes
Arianna Ruberti
Christopher Rumrill
Brandon Sager
Willow Sanges
Allison Scunziano
Collin Shea
Lillian Smullen
Jesse Stockwell  
Brennan Strouse
Berkley Szabo
Masen Valachovic
Ahne VanAllen
Elyssa VanEvery
Thomas VanNostrand
Neil Wicklund
N’Thai Wilkerson
Nicolas Williams

List of Individual Awards and Scholarships