MCSD celebrates Class of 2021

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Mayfield Central School District celebrated the 61 graduates of the Class of 2021 with a ceremony on Saturday, June 26, on the front lawn of Junior-Senior High School.

The recent lifting of restrictions on gatherings that were in place during the pandemic allowed for a much more traditional event. However, Principal Dr. Christopher Wojeski told the graduates that the Class of 2021 undoubtedly will forever be remembered as the COVID-19 class, calling it “simultaneously unfortunate and a wonderful opportunity.”

“As you’ve seen throughout your adolescence, life presents challenges. How you approach those circumstances will help define you as a person. You can either complain and become wrought with self-pity or become resilient and focused,” he said, adding that he is confident that as demonstrated by the Mayfield school community, society will be better for having endured this pandemic. “There have been numerous lessons learned, perseverance bolstered, and friendships and relationships strengthened, if even remotely,” he said.

In his remarks to the graduates, Superintendent Christopher Harper told the graduates to think of the diplomas they were receiving as “learners permits” for the next chapter of their lives, likening their choices for the future to following a road map in which they should “dare to take the road less traveled.” 

“What will always matter most for your happiness and success is that you always listen to your inner compass,” Harper said. “And remember, just like GPS, when you make a wrong turn, you can recalculate and take a different route.”

In her speech, Salutatorian Delaney LaFontaine spoke of the loss and hardships, in addition to the pandemic, that the Mayfield Class of 2021 has had to endure. The deaths of classmate Billy Drake, former classmate Ariana Lanzi, and teacher Shelly Dufel, which all occurred in the past year, have impacted the students. “If in the next three months, three years, or 30 years, you’re faced with something that seems insurmountable, just remember what you overcame: a global pandemic, an unconventional school year, community tragedies,” she said. “And through it all, you persevered.”

Valedictorian Lainna Salvione brought some levity with her speech, taking her classmates on a reminiscent and humorous ride through their academic journey. She pointed out that the collective awkward moments and milestones have brought them closer together.

“With all the struggle comes a moment of clarity. Looking back, high school may have been rough, but you now have a community of people around you that can relate to everything you have been through,” Salvione said. “Whether you have found support through teachers, school staff, or lifelong friends you made, the benefits of going through a wild time with a group of people is a sense of unity that you are able to look back on.”

The graduates received handshakes and hugs as they crossed the stage, along with their diplomas, which were presented by Board of Education President Aaron Flynn.

The Mayfield Class of 2021 graduates are:

  • Elizabeth Adamkoski
  • Colby Agerter
  • Jay Allen
  • Ashley Anderson
  • Kalub Barnwell
  • Marissa Barton
  • Zachary Becker
  • Veronica Bikowicz
  • Jillian Botch
  • Kyle Capparello
  • David Christman
  • Devon Coloney
  • Tyler Cook
  • Mikayla Cosselman
  • Megan Dion
  • Calub Edwards
  • David Evens III
  • Brennon Flint
  • John Fonda III
  • Spencer Furman
  • Marisa Gagliardi
  • Tyler Garrigan
  • Dylan Giblin
  • Calvin Greco
  • Aidan Halloran
  • Cameron Harwood
  • Omar Hickok
  • Trenton Hime
  • Sophia Himpsl
  • Aniya Homs
  • Alexia Insonia
  • Lila King
  • Blair Kline
  • Sasha Kolesnikov
  • Delaney LaFontaine
  • Austin Lander
  • Naomi Liebers
  • Xavier Maldonado
  • Chandler Manchester
  • Sarah Morehouse
  • Deandra Myers
  • Nyla Page
  • Ronoel Jensen Pagente
  • Marshall Pettit
  • Madison Relyea
  • Hailey Roberts-Hayes
  • Katelyn Rockwell
  • Ethan Rohling
  • John Ruggiero
  • Victoria Ruliffson
  • Lainna Salvione
  • Joseph Smimmo
  • Brianna Sowle
  • Lire Spurlock
  • Cassie Stephens
  • Skyler Thobaben-Gero
  • Mya Towne
  • MaKayla Tyler
  • Emilee VanAllen
  • Joshua VanNostrand
  • Collin White