School nutrition

Food service during on-campus instruction

  1. Mayfield Central School District will be offering meals onsite to the children in attendance Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Mayfield Central School District will be offering curbside meals to students who are remotely learning on Monday through Friday. The district is working on a plan to deliver meals, as necessary, on Wednesdays, when all students will be participating in remote learning. The District will communicate its plans to families once those plans are in place.
  2. All meals will be handed out using disposable trays and flatware. Disinfecting will take place after each group rotates through the cafeteria. Students will not have access to touch anything other than the tray that their meals are placed on. Hand sanitizer will be accessible to all students before and after getting their meals.
  3. All teacher aides, teachers and support staff will be aware of food allergies and will handle them accordingly. 
  4. Cleaning procedures will take place to ensure no cross contamination after each group goes through the lunch line.
  5. Students will use an ID card to scan for meals instead of touching the pin pad
  6. If the keypad needs to be touched, cafeteria staff will sanitize before using and then the cashier will clean the keypad with an approved disinfecting product. 
  7. Hand sanitizer will be available upon entering to receive meals and on the way out after getting meals. Signage will be posted to make students and adults aware. 
  8. All areas within the cafeteria will be sanitized using cleaner after each group of students leaves.
  9. All meals will meet New York State Child Nutrition requirements to make for a reimbursable meal.
  10. All communications are available on the school website, social media and when feasible, newspaper announcements.

Food service during remote instruction

  • A cold, bagged breakfast and lunch will be available for pickup at Mayfield Elementary School for school-aged students. Parents will drive to the drop-off circle at the elementary school to pick up meals from 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. Students will have their choice of peanut butter and jelly, ham or turkey sandwiches or a yogurt meal. Ham and turkey will only be available as supplies last.

Elementary School

  1. In addition to the district-level protocols, all students will eat in classrooms at assigned desks. Each classroom will have a stockpile of napkins and straws. Teachers or teacher aides will request more when needed.
  2. Elementary School breakfasts will be distributed in the classroom/hallway by teacher aides using class rosters.
  3. Elementary School lunches: Students will wear masks in the hallways and in the designated lunch line to order meals with the above-mentioned protocol in place.

Jr./Sr. High School

  1. In  addition to the district-level protocols all students will eat in the cafeteria and the adjacent hallway, maintaining six feet of social distance and wearing face masks when standing, and before and after eating their meal.