Scouts take on daily flag duties at Mayfield Elementary

Members of Cub Scout and Boy Scout Pack/Troop 5053 are raising and lowering the flag this year at Mayfield Elementary School. 

Each school day, the students will raise the flag in the morning and lower it in the afternoon.  Scout leader Mark Fenstermacher and MCSD teacher Susan Fenstermacher are supervising the flag duties.

student turning handle on flag pole

student lowering flag as brother looks on and Scout leader assists

Scout leader and student folding the flag

In the photos above:
Mark Fenstermacher, Jr. , lowered the flag on Sept. 8 with his brother, Logan, and Scout leader and dad Mark Fenstermacher. They had also raised it that morning. MCSD teacher and mom Susan Fenstermacher took part in the morning flag raising and is also supervising the flag duties.