Social Emotional Well-Being

The Mayfield Central School District Comprehensive School Counseling Plan has been written to reflect an organizational framework and approach based upon the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model, the New York State Curriculum Framework, New York State Standards, and current best practices.  The school counselors have created this plan to reflect the specific needs and goals of Mayfield Central School District.  Mayfield Central School District’s K-12 Comprehensive School Counseling Plan is updated annually by the certified school counselors and reflects the yearly needs of students in the district. 

School counselors will update the district-wide and building-level comprehensive plans for the 2021-22 school year to reflect the needs of students due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan includes program objectives, activities, program development and maintenance planning, school counseling curriculum, professional development planning, and evaluation methods based on data analysis to support positive student outcomes.

K-12 school counselors and the school social worker have created a list of community counseling resources that will be shared with students and parents in the district via email, as well as posted on the District website. The District will provide social-emotional, behavior and mental health services to students and families through a designated social-emotional curriculum, and provide referrals to community resources.  In addition, K-12 school counselors and the school social worker will continue to be available to students and families remotely and in-person for one-on-one sessions as needed.  

Faculty and staff will participate in training regarding coping strategies and resiliency as trainings become available. Students will also receive coping and resiliency skills education through a social-emotional curriculum taught by the school counselors and the school social worker.