Student Learning During The School Closure

Updated April 16, 2020

A message from Mayfield CSD Superintendent Harper on continuity of instruction during the school closure:

The Mayfield Central School District will continue promoting safe and rigorous academically-based educational programs during the COVID-19 school closure. 

Our highly effective faculty and staff  is committed to delivering new innovative instructional practices while cultivating new collaborations and partnerships that support and promote at-home learning for students. 

Acquisition and implementation of new virtual learning platforms, and evidence and research-based instructional and therapeutic practices will establish a renewed foundation for instructional delivery designed to immerse learners in instruction to the greatest extent possible.

Throughout the school closure:

  • Teachers will prepare flexible learning opportunities for all students. These will be delivered in a variety ways and will be differentiated in order to meet the needs of all students.
  • Our instructional teams continue to meet remotely to ensure that the learning being provided is engaging, but not overwhelming to students and their families/guardians.
  • Students in grades 3-12 have been provided with Chromebooks for learning at home.
  • Internet connectivity permitting, students will have the ability to connect with learning and their teachers through Gmail, Google Drive and Google Classroom. Students whose teachers are delivering content with these tools, but lack a reliable internet connection at home, will be provided with learning materials in another format.
  • Students will be able submit assignments online for grading.

Learn more about our plan for remote learning during the school closure.

Instructional Support

Students and parents/guardians with class/subject-specific questions should communicate directly with their teacher or school principal.

Too, our teachers and staff are available to help families/guardians support their child’s learning at home. Please let us know if you can use our help!

Elementary School Staff Contacts

Jr./Sr. High School Staff Contacts

Technical Support

Students who may be experiencing technical difficulties with their devices should contact their teachers or building principal to arrange for support.

Elementary School Staff Contacts

Jr./Sr. High School Staff Contacts