Students return to class, ready for a productive year

In many cases, the finishing touches of the capital project work over the summer had just been completed, hours before students walked through the doors for a new school year.

Construction work at both buildings was complete except for the Jr./Sr. High School library and “punch list” items that will be completed in the coming days and weeks.

Whether it was a new office, home and careers and art rooms at the Jr./Sr. High School or a new secure entrance and flooring at the elementary school, the summer-long work was essentially done.

And while adults were noticing things not yet completed, students were happy to be back into the swing of school with their teachers and friends.

Here are a few photos from opening day:

Elementary school

 Principal talking to a student in class Student in blue top writing in class Student with pink hearts in her hair in class Student looks up while writing Student smiles in class Two students work on a project  Student wait in line Young students hold hands Students answering question in class Students walking down the hallway

High School

Teacher making a point in classStudent working on a computer Students talking between classes Student writing in class Students hold book bags in class Student smiles while sitting in class Student checking over work in class Student listening in class