Welcome to the Elementary School Virtual Open House 2021

While we wish we could have welcomed everyone into the Elementary School building, given the current COVID-19 numbers, we have opted to present our Open House in this virtual format to help curb the spread and keep the school community safe.

Below, please find links to videos from each of the teachers at Mayfield Elementary School, who will introduce themselves and provide information about their classroom procedures.

Much like the traditional in-person “meet the teacher” night, parents and guardians are encouraged to “visit” each of their child’s teachers via the links below.


Michelle Bowers

Carey Lizzio


Marcie Jordan

Lisa Klena

Jennifer Mellen

First Grade

Karensa Derstine

Trevor Pawlik

Marissa Parkinson

Morgan Kelly

Second Grade

Amber Allen

Kristen Douglas

Mary Swart

Third Grade

Amie Clute

Alexandra Lilley

Kimberly Mashhadi 

Fourth Grade

Jessie Brower (and special education/support teacher Briana Cummings)

Alysha Smith

Luke Horton

Susan Raven

Fifth Grade 

Megan Miller, Kim McKeough, Samantha Stoliker

Sixth Grade

Holly Bennett

Amy Codi

April Graf 


Josette Pastore


Michael Banewicz


Luke Horst

Physical Education

Maris Logan and Brian Moore

Other Services/Special Areas

Valerie Horstman, Project Lead the Way

AIS Reading and Math teachers

Sarah Liporace, Speech and Language

Lauren Lozier, School Psychologist

Spencer Morgan, Special Education