Arts in Business Pathway off to a strong start; 17 students are participating

The Mayfield Arts in Business Pathway is well underway for the 2019-2020 school year.  

Seventeen students have opted for this valuable opportunity by taking the inaugural Arts in Business class.   Mostly freshman, these students now have the opportunity to learn about several different art-related careers directly from local professionals and, through project-based Learning, will also have the chance to try their hands at creating professional art projects using the latest art tools like Adobe Photoshop CC2019.

Thus far, the students have worked directly with the Fulton Montgomery Chamber of Commerce to create professional brochures that they can share with their membership.  Additionally, the students have worked with the athletic department to design and create silk-screened t-shirts for the Pink Volleyball game coming in October.  Students “reverse dyed” pink shirts, selected font styles, and learned how professionals use a silk-screen process to create bulk shirt orders.

On October 1st, students participated in a Professional Dress Workshop sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce.  This workshop was geared to help students succeed and dress professionally when they enter the workplace and when they participate in upcoming workplace tours.

On October 8th, several local art professionals will be participating in the first “Pathway Panel.”  Students will have the opportunity to interact and ask questions directly of these individuals.  This is a fantastic opportunity for students to work on their professionalism and networking skills.

In mid-November, students in the pathway will go on their first workplace tour.  They will visit StickerMule, a local print company that is hiring often and quickly thriving in today’s marketplace.  While there students will learn what type of jobs exist and what jobs they might be able to get in the future.

Here are a few photos from the Arts in Business class:

Students holding tee shirts in class

Students in the classroom Three students do computer work Two students look up from their work Two students work on a project Student projecting from a computer Student working on a computer