The 2019-20 school year has begun at Mayfield; hundreds of students return for an active year ahead!

Mayfield elementary students were greeted with signs, held by staff and PTA members as well as local police and firefighters, encouraging them to have the best year ahead while Jr./Sr. High School students got right into their studies on the first day of school. 

Here are a few images from opening day, 2019, at both schools.

Elementary School:

Adults holding signs to greet students Student high fiving a police officer Student hugging a firefighter Family walking into school Principal Hitrick greets a student on the bus Student holding up a sign Family makes their way into school Staff member talking to a student Family walking into the side door of the school Students walking down the hallway at the elementary school Students holding signs to greet students


Jr./Sr. High School

Students walking in the hallway Students sitting in class Students enjoying class Students talking in class Students passing to the next class Principal Wojeski helping a student with a locker Math teacher helps a student Student working in math class Students taking a break in class Students waiting for the start of class Students joking around with each other Students getting ready for class