Class of 2019 bids farewell to Mayfield Jr./Sr. High School

Class of 2019
The class of 2019.

The 81st commencement for Mayfield Jr./Sr. High School was held today on the front lawn before parents and loved ones.

A total of 65 students received diplomas. Here’s the program from the ceremony. 

Students received dozens of awards and recognitions. Check those out here

Salutatorian Taryn LaFontaine told graduates that the time at Mayfield Jr./Sr. High School flew by but the class is ready for the future.

“Today is the day that we will no longer be Mayfield High School students.  We are all teetering on the edge of adulthood which can be a terrifying thought, but if there is one thing I have learned in my time here at Mayfield, it is that this is a community where everyone supports each other no matter what, and it will support us as we figure things out, but it will let us do it on our own,” she told her fellow graduates.

“This community has raised us, guided us, and supported us, and now it has to let us go. However, this community will still be here when we come back to visit. It is our time now to go after our dreams.”

Read Taryn’s entire speech here.

Valedictorian Maggy Lambo told her fellow graduates to be ready to face life as it comes at them.

“So what’s next? In the words of a great film, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, “High school wasn’t meant to last forever.” For better or for worse, high school is officially over. Once we leave today, we are free,” she said.

“By the end of the summer, we will be going our separate ways, off to college, enlisting in the military, finding a job, or even moving to another state. This ceremony marks the end of our time at Mayfield High School, but it’s also the START OF SOMETHING NEW. Some students will spend the next few years furthering their education, going on to college, law school, med school, or grad school to get a degree. Some of you are doing something different. College isn’t for everyone and that’s okay.”

Read Maggy’s entire speech here.

Board of Education President Ernie Clapper, using a soccer analogy, told the students “you are all winners…it doesn’t matter if you are the 0 or the 1.” Clapper is ending his tenure on the Board of Education after 15 years but one that followed a career at a teacher, administrator and soccer coach.

Students also handed out yellow roses to their loved ones in the audience, a quaint Mayfield tradition.

The students gradating today, along with their diploma types and future plans,  were:

  • Dylan Adamson* – Employment
  • Lily Aesch* – Fulton-Montgomery Community College (FMCC)
  • Cameron Allen* – SUNY Potsdam
  • Roy Andrilla Jr. * – Employment
  • Giovanni Angelo** – FMCC
  • Dylan Bumpus**h – United States Air Force Academy
  • Cassandra Cerasia**h§ – Roger Williams University
  • Damiana Crankshaw** – Full-time Ministry
  • Garret Delaney** – The College of St. Rose
  • NicholasDeMaria IV – FMCC
  • Andrea Denney* -FMCC
  • Johnathan Drake* – Pikes Peak Community College
  • Maxfield Eschler-lnsogna* – Employment
  • Alexandria Evens* © – FMCC
  • Nicole Fazio* – Hudson Valley Community College
  • Darren Frasier* – FMCC
  • Walker Goodemote **h§ – LeMoyne College
  • Joshua Gordon Jr.* © – Employment
  • Isabella Greco* – Eastern Nazarene College
  • Zachary Hamm* – Employment
  • Isabelle Henderson** h – University at Buffalo
  • Tabitha Henzel* – FMCC
  • Salma Hickok**h§ – FMCC
  • Colbey Hime* – FMCC
  • Dallas Hines* – FMCC
  • Zariah Holland* – FMCC
  • Kendrick Jackson** – FMCC
  • Chloe Jarrett* – Siena College
  • Morgan Jarrett** h§ – Syracuse University
  • Alexandra Johnson** – Syracuse University
  • Samantha Kent* – Keuka College
  • Thomas Kline Jr.* – Employment
  • Taryn LaFontaine**hn§ – Cornell University
  • Katie LaGrange* – FMCC 
  • Maggy Lambo** hn § – Yale University
  • Amy Laubenstein**h – SUNY Geneseo
  • Thomas Lawrence* – United States Army Reserves
  • Daniel Leach** h§ – FMCC
  • Evan Lehr** – FMCC
  • Adam Liebers** – Utica College
  • Daniel Little* – Employment
  • Antonio Mannino** – Castleton University
  • Natalie May* AAS
  • ShawAnn McSplrlt* – Employment
  • Emily Mormando** – FMCC
  • Diana Morse** h – Pima Community College
  • Anthony Mullarkey*© – Employment
  • Mlkayla Myers** – SUNY Potsdam
  • Luka Nlkollaj* – Employment
  • Alexis Oliver** – FMCC
  • Ryan Phillips* – Castleton University
  • Savanah Pierce* – FMCC
  • Taylor Proctor** – Nazareth College
  • Chelsey Redmond** – Maria College
  • Danielle Skellel*© – Employment
  • Brooke Snyder*© – Employment
  • Christian Thomas* – Employment
  • Hannah Tomlinson* – SUNY Canton
  • Shelbylyn VanNostrand* – FMCC
  • Joseph Ward* – FMCC
  • Joshua Wasson*© – Employment
  • Kira Williams** – FMCC
  • Matthew Wilson*© – Employment
  • Nicholas Witzel* – FMCC
  • Anthony Yuret* – FMCC

Symbol Code

* Regents

* * Advanced Regents

n Mastery In Math

§ Mastery in Science

n Wit h Honors

AAS Associate o f Applied Science Degree

©  Career and Technical Endorsement

Mayfield’s Honor Guard

The 27 top students in the Class of 2019 – those students with a cumulative average of 90 or higher – have been  announced. These students  – known as the Honor Guard – were recognized at an awards ceremony on Friday, June 28 at the Mayfield Junior-Senior High School auditorium and at graduation today.

The Honor Guard students are: Maggy Lambo, Taryn LaFontaine, Isabelle Henderson, Morgan Jarrett, Walker Goodemote, Kira Williams, Amy Laubenstein, Taylor Proctor, Dylan Bumpus, Alexis Oliver, Cassandra Cerasia, Daniel Leach, Diana Morse, Alexandra Johnson, Chelsey Redmond, Mikayla Myers, Salma Hickok, Adam Liebers, Andrea Denney, Ryan Phillips, Chloe Jarrett, Emily Mormando, Tabitha Henzel, Garret Delaney, Damiana Crankshaw, Giovanni Angelo and Shelbylyn VanNostrand

Check out the writeups about these students in the advertisement from the Leader Herald. Download the advertisement here.

Top grads announced, class of 2019

Top grads, class of 2019

Here are a few pictures from today’s ceremony.

Valedictorian delivers speech Salutatorian delivers speech

Board of Education president speaks

Principal speaking at graduation

Choir sings "The Rose"

Student hands rose to parent Student hugs parent Student gives rose to parent

Principal hugs student before giving diploma Principal hugs student Student shows off diploma