Head lice / bed bug procedures

MCSD’s head lice policy follows guidelines from the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and National Association of School Nurses (NASN).

When a case of head lice is suspected, the student will be sent to the health office to have his/her head checked by the school nurse.

If the student is found to have LIVE head lice, the following procedures will be implemented.

• The parent/guardian will be made aware of the findings.
• Information will be sent home with the student regarding the prevention of head lice/ bed bugs and eradicating them from the home.
• The student absence will be excused for one full day for treatment.
• It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to treat appropriately.
• The student will be rechecked in the health office in 7 – 10 days following treatment.

It is the CDC and the NASN recommendation that the student NOT be sent home, but be allowed to finish out the school day if head lice are found.

As with all illnesses prevention is the key, and treatment is necessary.

Avoid sharing or borrowing hats, scarves, coats, brushes, combs or other hair related items. Keep hair pulled back or up throughout the day.

Over the counter treatments for both head lice and bed bugs are available. Your doctor may write a prescription for treatment.

https ://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/head/treatment.html