Mayfield College Courses

These courses are offered at the Jr./Sr. High School and offer college credit. Here’s how to get the transcripts from the college for these courses.


Mayfield High School course names are bolded

The official college course names are italicized

College Courses through Fulton-Montgomery Community College

AP United States History

Survey of American History I   HIS 105   3 college credits
Survey of American History II   HIS 106   3 college credits

College English

English I   ENG 103  3 college credits
English II  ENG 104  3 college credits

College Government

American Political Systems   POL 101   3 college credits

College Precalculus     

Precalculus   MAT 140  4 college credits

College Calculus

Analytical Geometry and Calculus I   MAT 170   4 college credits

Principles of Business

Principles of Business   BUS 101    3 college credits

Math Finance

Quantitative Business Applications   BUS 115   3 college credits

AP Biology

General Biology II   BIO 171   4 college credits

Spanish IV     

Intermediate Spanish I   SPA 201   3 college credits

Spanish V     

Intermediate Spanish II   SPA 202   3 college credits

Elementary Italian I      

Elementary Italian I   ITA 101   3 college credits

Elementary Italian II     

Elementary Italian II   ITA 102   3 college credits

Advanced Studio Art   

Advanced Studio Art   ART 101   3 college credits

College Courses through Syracuse University

AP Psychology  

Foundations of Human Behavior    PSY 205     3 college credits