National Honor Society policy

Policy 5270


It is the policy of the Board of Education to sponsor a chapter of the National Honor Society at Mayfield High School for students who meet the criteria of scholarship, service, leadership and character.

The Chapter will be organized as a student activity, engaging in school and community service projects and social and recognition events.

The annual Course Selection Guide and the eligibility letter for prospective candidates will inform students and parents of the criteria for selection and of the appeals process. Information regarding cumulative average, student activities and examples of evidence of character and leadership in everyday circumstances will be included as well.

The High School Principal is charged with the responsibility of appointing, on an annual basis, a Faculty Council and an Adviser. The High School Principal, Faculty Council and Adviser will utilize the guidelines of the National Honor Society to operate the Mayfield Chapter.

All school personnel must protect the privacy rights of individuals by maintaining confidentiality. Discussions of student qualifications may only occur as part of the formal selection process of the Faculty council at a meeting convened for its purpose and in conference with the Principal regarding selections. Individual members of the Faculty Council may not discuss any student candidacy informally with each other or with non-Council members.
The Principal reserves the right to approve all activities and decisions of the Mayfield Chapter.

Appeals to the Principals’ decisions will follow the normal school channels, which are the Superintendent and the Board of Education.

Adopted July 2006