Mayfield remembers Coach Kevin Rovito

The Mayfield Central School District community mourns the passing of our beloved Coach Kevin Rovito on Nov. 14, 2022. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rovito family, from our Mayfield Central School District family,” said Superintendent Christopher Harper. “Kevin leaves a legacy of caring, teaching and leadership that we can all learn from and that the district will continue to cherish.”

Kevin taught physical education and coached athletics at Mayfield for 26 years, starting in 1980, teaming with his wife Eileen, whom he met here. They coached a wide variety of sports – Eileen is still coaching volleyball – and led Mayfield students to numerous titles at the state, regional, sectional, division and individual levels. In 2021, the Mayfield Jr./Sr. High School gym was formally dedicated and renamed the Rovito Gymnasium in their honor.

“Kevin embodies everything that is good about teaching, coaching, and simply being a person. I never stopped learning from Kevin,” said Mayfield Athletic Director and High School Math teacher Jon Caraco. “Long after the formality of learning in a classroom or as one of his athletes, he continued to teach simply by being who he was. It is impossible to be in the school, or the community, without seeing and feeling Kevin’s impact. Kevin meant a lot to many people and changed the trajectory of more lives than can be counted. In any way you might measure someone’s life, Kevin comes out at the top, and I feel lucky to occupy a part of his immense shadow.”

Mayfield faculty and staff share many great memories of Kevin:

“Kevin was so very kind to me when I first started in 2004. We shared a fondness for fishing. I remember one winter me asking him where he liked to fish and when he was going ice fishing again. He said ‘I’ve got 10 tip ups’ out right now!’ Apparently, Kevin didn’t mind putting out a bunch of tip-ups during the morning and leaving them out all day until he got done with school. Genius!” – Jeremy Lebediker, Art teacher

“Growing up in Mayfield and having Mr. Rovito as a teacher and coach, I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a PE teacher. Not only because of the joy the job would bring, but everything else Mr. Rovito showed me. I saw how he was as a coach, husband, father, mentor and friend. I wanted to be all those things just like him. I hope that over my 30 years of teaching I can have half the impact on students that Mr. Rovito had over his career.” – Brian Moore, PE teacher

“Kevin, because of your dedication, love, and commitment to the Mayfield School District and the Mayfield community, we were able to name the gymnasium after you and Eileen. I am so thankful to have known you and will forever hold on to your legacy in all of my physical education classes to come.” – Brynn Hlozansky, PE teacher

“I have very fond memories of Kevin and Eileen hosting the staff Christmas party. Kevin was a kind, generous man and a wonderful colleague.” – Rik Kent, Art teacher

“In my experience here as both a student and now a teacher at Mayfield High School, Mr. Rovito was a role model in the truest sense of the word. If each of us could be half the person he was in his dedication as a father, husband, teacher, and coach, what a different world this would be. The strength of his body and spirit in the face of Alzheimer’s was remarkable, and I am sorry for all that was taken from him and his family by this disease. We have all learned so much from them – from their example of grace in the face of adversity, and the unconditional love of family. God bless Kevin and the whole Rovito Family!” – Pam King, English teacher

“Kevin and Eileen were great friends, coaches, and role models. I remember us all coaching our children. Our children grew up together and we all had some great times coaching them throughout their elementary years. He will be missed.” – Michele Houghtaling, Teacher aide

“Kevin was a teacher, a coach, a mentor, and a role model to so many students, including my children. He taught them to hold themselves to a higher standard, to reach for the stars, to never give up, and to be a team player, not only on the field, but in life. I am so grateful for the path he chose that brought him to Mayfield, and into our lives. We all benefited from knowing him. RIP Kevin. You have earned it.” – Deb Javarone, Secretary to the Superintendent/District Clerk

“It is impossible to measure the impact that Kevin had on the lives of students here at Mayfield. I have heard so many stories over the years from alumni about how much he meant to them. These stories all share a common thread. Kevin simply cared about his students and the athletes that he coached. His enthusiasm and passion were infectious. He made every athlete he worked with feel like they were an important part of the team. Kevin’s ability to get the best out of his teams is evident when you look at the banners that hang in the Rovito gymnasium. Those titles are a direct result of the kindness and love that he showed to each and every one who had the privilege to play for him. Mayfield has lost an amazing teacher, coach, and friend. His legacy will live on through future generations of student athletes playing in the gymnasium that bears his name.” – Pete Updyke, PE teacher