THANK YOU, MAYFIELD! Capital Project approved by 63.8% of voters

The proposed $15.5 million capital project was APPROVED today. Turnout was light. Out of 213 votes cast (189 votes at the machine and 24 through absentee ballots), 136 community members supported the project and 77 voted against it. That is a 63.8 percent approval rate.

“We are very pleased by the support from the community,” said Superintendent Jon Peterson. He said the first order or business is to establish an elementary committee to review the playground/parking aspects of the project before it is submitted to the state for approval.

“I’m very relieved that the community supported the project,” said Board of Education member Kevin Capobianco, who along with Board Vice President Robert Suits worked on developing the project over the past year and a half. “The public knows that we will do the right thing.”