Thanksgiving message from the superintendent

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is hard to believe that it is Thanksgiving week with this warm weather!
We sure have a lot to be grateful for! Our 2020 Thanksgiving is sure to
look different for all of us. We should take time to celebrate having made
it through the first quarter of the school year following all COVID-19
safety protocols and the same core priorities for learning that we as a
community have always valued. All of us have to agree that our students
have done a wonderful job and seem well-settled and happy and have been
developing positive relationships with their teachers. This has been a
priority to our teachers this year.

With that said, keeping our schools open and maximizing in-person
learning time have been possible due to the entire community’s
commitment to working together to keep everyone safe. Our parents,
teachers, staff and students have remained flexible with the
inconsistency resulting from school being opened or closed or certain
concerns of anyone needing to quarantine. Thankfully, with solid entrance
and exit plans in place, we have been well-prepared to successfully
transition students and staff between hybrid and fully remote models and
will be prepared for whatever conditions unfold during this next school

Please continue to persist and do your part this holiday weekend by
adhering to all local and state guidelines regarding travel, social
gatherings, social distancing, face masks, quarantining, etc. I wish you and
your family a safe and healthy holiday.

With Gratitude,

Christopher M. Harper

School Superintendent