What is the APPR?

Adopted in 2010, the Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR), created under state Education Law §3012-c, requires a comprehensive, rigorous evaluation system for classroom teachers and building principals based on multiple measures of effectiveness. The evaluation system is designed to measure teacher and principal effectiveness based on performance, including measures of student growth and achievement and evidence of educator effectiveness in meeting the New York State Teaching Standards or the State’s leadership standards (Educational Policy Leadership Standards: ISLLC: 2008).

Under the  law, New York State will differentiate teacher and principal effectiveness using four rating categories – Highly Effective, Effective, Developing, and Ineffective.

The teacher evaluation law requires that 20 percent of a teacher’s evaluation be based on student growth on a state assessment or other comparable measure; 20 percent on student achievement on other locally selected measures; and 60 percent on locally negotiated evidence of teacher effectiveness.  

The state Board of Regents has suspended use of state assessment scores as part of the APPR evaluation while the state Education Department develops new education standards.

Here is the most recent APPR plan for the Mayfield Central School District.