MasterMinds team on a hot streak!

MasterMinds JV and varsity teams, Mayfield HS
MasterMinds varsity and junior varsity teams:
From left to right
Top row: Isabelle Henderson, Marriana Mattice, Ryan Foreman, Walker Goodemote, Dan Leach, Dylan Bumpus
Botton row: Maggy Lambo, Chloe Jarrett, Grace Harper, Morgan Jarrett, Cassie Cerasia, Taryn LaFontaine




Mayfield’s MasterMinds Team, which has been participating since 2009, is in the midst of its best season yet!

Mayfield students compete in the varsity and junior varsity (JV) divisions.

The 2018-19 varsity team, captained by Maggy Lambo and Walker Goodemote, competes in the Albany league.  Other varsity members include Taryn LaFontaine, Isabelle HendersonColemar Henderson and Dan Leach

The JV team consists of Ryan ForemanChloe JarretMorgan JarretCassie Cerasia and Marriana Mattice.

The Albany league is comprised of 34 teams which compete in different divisions. Mayfield will compete again on Feb. 7 (against Amsterdam and Galway in separate matches), Feb. 28 (against Gloversville and Broadalbin-Perth in separate matches) and March 28 (random matches) in the regional competitions. The date for the state tournament has not been set.

As in athletics, students compete regionally and then proceed to the state tournaments. Other regions in NY include students teams in the Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse areas.

Masterminds is a quiz game produced by National Academic Quiz Tournament. (NAQT). Here’s more information: