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At Mayfield Central School District, we want to ensure parents, guardians, students and residents have answers to questions they may have about their schools and the district operations. 

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Q: What is the current mask policy?

A: From our 2021 Reopening Plan: As recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the New York State Education Department (NYSED), facemasks will be required in indoor settings in all Mayfield school buildings. Masks will not be required during outdoor activities unless they are deemed necessary in certain circumstances, such as high-risk sports. Teachers will provide mask breaks for students throughout the day.

Q: What happens if a child comes to school without a mask?

A: Because masks are required indoors, the child’s school will provide them with a mask if they do not have one. Classroom teachers, the main office and other common areas will have masks available.

Q: How is masking handled for young children in pre-k through second grade, when they end up chewing on them and getting food on them?

A: We have extra masks on hand for the children, and if masks become soiled during the day, the teachers will replace them for the students.

Q: With the resignation of Assistant Principal Matthew Lewis, who will be handling 504 plans?

A: Director of Student Services Jennifer Sanford will serve as chairperson for all 504 committee meetings, and special education teachers, school counselors, and school nurses will manage all 504 plans.

Q: What is the plan for when a student has a general illness such as a cold? Will everyone be treated as if they have COVID and be required to be out for 10 days?

A: If a student has COVID symptoms, they should stay home from school and it is recommended that they be tested for the virus. The student should not return to school until symptoms have been resolved for three days without medication, if they have a doctor’s note or a negative COVID test. 

Q: Why is a fully-remote option not available this year?

A: We know students are more engaged when they are learning in person, which is why the MCSD is focused on providing in-person learning for our students five days a week with as little disruption as possible. In rare cases, if a student has a medical condition that precludes them from attending school in person, the parents/guardians should contact their building principal to discuss learning options. 

Q: What is the plan for educating students when they are required to quarantine, as there is not a remote option this year?

A: Teachers will provide a mix of synchronous and asynchronous instruction for any student who has to quarantine due to a COVID exposure. Details of how this will be handled at the different grade levels can be found in our Reopening Plan on the website here.

Q: I am concerned about staff retention and ensuring Mayfield has enough staff to educate our students. What are you doing to fill open positions and to keep from losing staff?

A: While the teacher shortage continues to be a nationwide issue, Mayfield is fortunate to have nearly all positions filled at the start of the 2021-22 school year. We value our excellent educators and are committed to making sure they continue to grow in their jobs and feel appreciated for their hard work. To do this we offer many professional development opportunities, wellness days and are striving to build a positive and encouraging work environment.