Food Services

Important information for the 2021-22 school year


    • All meals are FREE to district students, but we are asking all families to fill out the FREE/REDUCED MEAL PROGRAM application. Please be sure to check your child/children(s) folders for applications. Only one (1) application per family please.

      Free and reduced lunch applications

      • Applications for free and reduced meals are available for download here and in all school offices.
      • If you received a letter in the mail informing you that your child/children are receiving free meals this year, PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN AN APPLICATION, SEND IT BACK IN BLANK, with a note stating that it can be returned to the Food Service Department.
      • For more information about eligibility for free/reduced school meals, refer to the links to the right. Contact Lindsay VanAuken at 518-661-8222 with any questions.

      Payment for meals

      When sending money in for your child/children’s meal accounts, please send it in an envelope or sealed bag with their name(s), teacher(s) and how you want the amount split. You can include more than one student’s money in an envelope/bag, and the students can be in different school buildings.

      Pre-pay for meals through MySchoolBucks

      MySchoolBucks logo for food services page

      You can access your child’s school lunch account online at 

      Use your existing PayPal account, credit card or debit card to make prepayments to your children’s accounts through the MySchoolBucks website. In the cafeterias, students use the point of sale system to access the funds in their accounts when they purchase meals.

      MySchoolBucks payments include a program convenience fee of $2.49 per payment. 

      Through the system, you also have the opportunity to monitor your children’s purchase history. The web-based reports provide all dates and times that your children purchased breakfast or lunch in the past 30 days.