About the Elementary School

Mayfield Elementary School serves approximately 440 children in prekindergarten to grade 6. The curriculum covers the areas of English Language Arts , math, science, social studies, physical education, visual arts, music and Project Lead the Way.

The school offers Response to Intervention in Reading and Math.

There are 1:1 Chromebook for all students in grades three through six, while other grade levels have access to Chromebooks and tablets in their classrooms.

Students may start instrument lessons in fourth grade and band is available for students in grades five and six.  Choir is available for students in grades four through six.

The Mayfield Elementary PTA provides many social and academic opportunities to support our students. New members are always welcome to join at any time. Feel free to stop in if you would like further information about the PTA or visit their Facebook page, Mayfield Elementary PTA.

The school supports various clubs including Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, Just Run, Gaming Club, Lego Club, Science Club, Yearbook Club (6th grade), Teddy Bear Tales, Youth Soccer and Youth Basketball.

School Schedule:

  • Students can enter the building at 8:15 and go to the cafeteria for breakfast.
  • Students begin their classes at 8:35.
  • Dismissal is at 3:05