Mayfield plans for reopening 2021-22

This plan was implemented for the beginning of the 2021-22 school year. As the pandemic continues, changes to COVID-19 protocols are posted on the announcements section of the website and sent to the school community through our mass notification system, ParentSquare.

The health and safety of our students, our staff and their families is the top priority in the Mayfield Central School District. The reopening plan incorporates recommendations and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) and the New York State Education Department (NYSED).

Many of the key terms of our plan will depend on the status of the virus in our schools, community and in the Fulton County region. As the status may change during the year, any changes will be informed by the following measures:

  1. County transmission rates (low, moderate, substantial, or high) as determined by CDC.
  2. Daily averages of positive cases as determined by NYS Department of Health
  3. Number of positive cases in classrooms and individual schools as determined by the Mayfield CSD COVID Coordinator and Fulton County Public Health Services.
  4. Vaccination rates for students, staff, and the community as determined by the district reporting form and the NYS Department of Health Vaccination database.

Reopening goal: In-person learning 5 days per week with minimal disruption

The district will take proactive measures to meet the goal including:

    • Maximizing vaccination availability for students and staff
    • Using masks as warranted by our reopening planning measures
    • Monitoring daily cases in classrooms and buildings
    • Quickly conducting contact tracing of positive cases so as to minimize the impact of quarantining
    • Frequently re-evaluating our plan based on new information and making changes to our reopening measures
    • Continuously updating parents and the community and requesting feedback on proposed changes to our plans

Overview of reopening protocols

(Based on CDC, NYSED and American Academy of Pediatrics guidance)


      • Masks are required on buses by federal regulations for students and staff
      • Ventilation will be maximized as weather allows
      • Bus schedule will be the same as in pre-pandemic years with similar number of buses and runs
      • Student drop-off and pick-up by parents/caregivers are encouraged to lessen the number of students on the buses

Entering school

      • Screening testing for  COVID-19 may be required for students and staff who are not vaccinated.
      • Elementary school points of entry
        • For buses; Grades 1-4 will enter the auxiliary entrance (to the left of the main entrance). Pre-K, K and grades 5 and 6 will enter main front entrances.
        • For parent drop-off: Students will enter from the current drop off location (the loop). Parents must remain in their cars when dropping off their child. Parents are not allowed to park their cars in the parking lot and leave their car.
      • Junior-Senior High School points of entry
        • For buses: Lower parking lot by the gymnasium. 
        • For parent drop-off and student parking: Upper parking lot by main office 

          In school

          • In-person learning: Mayfield Central School District will be open for full in-person learning so long as it is allowed by public health officials.
          • Masks: As recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the New York State Education Department (NYSED), facemasks will be required in indoor settings in all Mayfield school buildings. 
            • Masks will not be required during outdoor activities unless they are deemed necessary in certain circumstances, such as high-risk sports.
            • Teachers will provide mask breaks for students throughout the day.
          • Physical distance: As recommended by the CDC and NYSED, individuals will need to maintain at least 3 feet of physical distance between them while in school buildings. We will work to maximize physical distance between students during meals in cafeterias.
          • Remote learning: Because we are focused on bringing all of our students back for in-person daily learning, a remote instruction model generally will not be offered. In cases in which students are under quarantine, they will have the opportunity to engage in an alternate learning environment. Parents and guardians of students with a medical condition that precludes them from attending school in person should contact their building principal to discuss learning options. Limited participation in a virtual school being offered by Capital Region BOCES is being considered. 
          • Classroom setups will look very similar to pre-pandemic rooms with as much physical distance between desks as possible.  
          • Schedules will be similar to those in pre-pandemic years.
          • Lockers will be available for student use at the junior-senior high school.
          • Cafeterias: We will attempt to maximize physical distancing during meals in cafeterias. 
          • Temperature and questionnaire screenings: Per CDC guidance, temperature and questionnaire screenings will not be required for entry into Mayfield school buildings. However, students and employees should stay home when they are showing signs of infectious illness, including COVID-19, and get tested before returning to school.
          • Symptomatic students and staff will  be sent home.

          Sports and extracurricular activities

          • Both school buildings will be conducting extra-curricular activities during the 2021-22 school year. Those activities will follow the same protocols as activities held during the school day. 
          • However, the district will follow guidance from NYSPHSAA and the Western Athletic Conference regarding protocols for interscholastic sports. 
          • Masking may be required based on the nature of the club’s activities or the sport. 
          • Screening testing for COVID-19 may be required for student athletes who are not vaccinated.

          Visiting schools/attending events

          • School visitors will continue to be limited. Visitors may be be required to sign in and provide information for contact tracing. They will also be required to follow all safety protocols that apply to students and staff, including wearing a mask and observing proper social distancing. Failure to comply will result in the visitor being asked to leave the building immediately.

          Ongoing measures

          • Continue refining and planning with administrative council, Fulton County school districts, Fulton County Public Health, and the school district physician.
          • Meet with HFM BOCES Superintendents to review options. 
          • Survey Mayfield CSD parents and caregivers regarding before and after school interests.
          • Communicate changes to staff, community, stakeholders and students.

          Click on the links below to read specific sections of the plan.

          Printable (PDF) version of the 2021-22 reopening plans